WD Announces PiDrive, A 314GB Hard Drive For Raspberry Pi

Yesterday was Pi day and to celebrate WD launched a new product called the PiDrive. This is a 314GB low-profile hard drive made specifically for the Raspberry Pi. This 7mm-high hard drive is based off WD’s Blue drives which ship in many budget and mid-range laptops and PCs. The big difference with this drive is that instead of the SATA interface the drive has been designed with a USB interface that allows it to connect to the Pi directly.

WD PiDrive

WD says it has customized the drive in order to “reduce the electrical power load of the hard drive on Raspberry Pi while still maintaining sufficient performance to deliver maximum USB data transfer rate. The 314GB drive will come with the BerryBoot bootloader to make it as easy as possible to install and run multiple operating systems from the same drive. The drive will normally cost $45.18, but to celebrate Pi day the drive is currently $31.42.

Source: Arstechnica | News Archive

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