WD My Book Duo 20TB External Hard Drive Review

To test this drive we will be using two different benchmarking programs. The first is CrystalDiskMark, which is one of the most popular hard drive testing applications out there. Keep in mind the advertised speed for this drive is 360 MB/s.

As you can see we have great results here, the drive performs right up to the advertised speeds. Next we have DiskBench. Here we copy 2038 files which are a mix of RAW and JPG images totaling 22.2 GB. DiskBench lets us know the transfer rate after the transfer has been completed. This gives you an idea of real-world transfer speeds when transferring a lot of files.

Here you can see we transferred those 2038 files in about 166 seconds, giving us a transfer rate of 136.62 MB/s. This is no surprise to us at all as traditional hard drives cannot really keep up with this test, only solid state drives can, still great results though.

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