Website Penetration Testing: How much does it cost?

Cybercrimes are increasing at an alarming rate, and so is the overall cost of the cybercrime industry. It is expected to cross the threshold of $6 trillion in 2021. With the possibility of a hack every 39 seconds, it is essential to take the necessary steps to secure your website. And nothing beats the efficiency of a thorough website penetration testing. You will not find a single security guide that will downplay the significance of pen-testing services. It is crucial to understand the attacker to defend against a hack. Penetration testing thrives on this principle.

Penetration testing is a series of authorized attacks on a website to detect exploitable vulnerabilities. A penetration tester tries to find the simplest ways to exploit the application, network, and other organizational areas. As would a hacker do. In short, a pentester works in similar lines as a hacker.

The security testing industry is growing at an unprecedented growth rate. Today, we will discuss how much an average website penetration testing costs, timeline, and other less-talked-about details.

Importance of VAPT services

Penetration testing is the best way of finding security loopholes in your website. If you are up to date with the latest IT news, the importance of regular security audits will ring a bell to you.

Regular security audits play a crucial role in establishing the reliability and security of a website/business. For some organizations, security audits are needed by law to comply with the latest security standards. Take PCI DSS, for example; it mandates both internal and external pentest for websites interacting with credit cards.

Here are some of the points that concentrate on the importance of website penetration testing:

  • VAPT uncovers hidden security loopholes and vulnerabilities introduced by an add-on or a new technology.
  • It can verify the capability of your system’s existing defence system.
  • It ensures the compliance of the IT infrastructure of the website with the respective obligations.
  • Detects the weaknesses and strengths of existing security measures.

How much does website penetration testing cost?

The cost of a complete VAPT service varies between the range of $200 to $2000 depending upon the scope of pen-testing, complexity, systems under speculation, and service providers. The security tools used by the testers also have a fair share in the final quote of the VAPT services.

Generally, a complete security audit takes 2 to 3 weeks, again depending on its complexity and scope. Advanced security services like Astra Security provide the first audit report within 12-48 hours in its collaborative dashboard to reduce the delay in the patching process.

astra 1
Astra Security’s VAPT dashboard

Website Penetration Testing by Astra

Choosing an ideal and reliable VAPT service provider is equally important as opting for VAPT service every few months. Astra Security’s experienced security team will review every corner of your website to ensure its complete safety. Astra will offer a thorough vulnerability assessment report for your website, which can get your organization’s security team to start patching up the vulnerabilities. With more than 1250 tests, including – network configuration tests, static & dynamic code analysis, business logic error tests, server infrastructure tests, price manipulation tests, and so on, Astra Security is one of the best VAPT service providers in the market.

Astra’s Pentesting comes in three plans & pricing – Basic, Expert, and Elite. These plans vary depending on the number of tests performed and their frequency. The basic plan starts with just $210. You will not find such extensive security features at such a low rate. For more comprehensive details..

For more questions about the VAPT service and its pricing, drop by some comments, and we will walk you through it!