Westinghouse Digital Announces Roku Connected TVs at CES 2013

Westinghouse Digital, one of the leading LED TV manufacturers in the U.S., announced a new line of LED TVs for 2013 that are Roku Ready for an unmatched combination of entertainment choices, convenience and value. The new line will be introduced at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, January 8-11 in the Las Vegas Hotel, Hospitality Suite 360.

The Westinghouse Digital Roku Ready line of LED TVs feature the Mobile High Definition Link (MHL), which allows users to simply plug in a Roku Streaming Stick, a flash-stick sized device that features the popular Roku streaming platform. Within moments, the TV is recognized by the consumer’s home Wi-Fi network allowing the user to connect to the world of content provided by Roku.


“The new Westinghouse TVs with Roku are designed to be future-proof,” said Rey Roque, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Westinghouse Digital. “Westinghouse Digital believes MHL-Compliant displays are the future of the connected TV market. Consumers are no longer forced to buy a smart TV only to have it become outdated two years later when new technology is released. With The Roku Streaming Stick, the consumer can simply upgrade a fairly inexpensive piece of hardware instead of being forced to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new HDTV in order to gain the latest and greatest streaming options.”

In addition to the 60-inch IPTV introduction, Westinghouse Digital will also introduce a full line of edge-lit LED TVs for 2013 at CES, with models ranging from 28 to 60-inches, as well as a new series of 4K UHDTV models.

Source: Westinghouse | News Archive

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