What Android users expect of their iGaming App

Just a couple of years ago, phones couldn’t handle medium graphic games. They were slow and had meagre frame rates. Just a generation or two of smartphone advancements that all changed. For example, recently, we saw smart devices that allowed support to games that were once or are still on a PC or console (Fortnite, PubG and many more).

One industry has noticed that trend and fully embraced it. We are talking about the iGaming industry, of course.

Nearly 50% of online casino users come from a smart device in the iGaming industry. Meaning players play quality casino games primarily by phones supported by the OS created by Google.

But on which App players enjoy casino games?

Well, they play both on an Android App and a browser. Which one they use depends on the casino itself – whether they’ve developed a superb app or took the browser-friendly approach. Both ways are popular, and both have their pros and cons.

Having said that, as an iGaming enthusiast, you wonder what the ideal online casino user experience looks like? Below, we will go into more detail and answer how a quality casino paves the user experience path and much more.

Android users expect a user-friendly paved experience

The online casino industry has always prioritized giving its users the perfect user experience when playing Android games. Furthermore, developers are getting innovative in creating more accessible ways for players to play their favourite slot games. Play from anywhere and anytime is the reality of the matter.

Apps that don’t drain the battery

We have apps that run so smoothly and don’t drain the battery of the phone. After all, battery life does not last forever, and any specific quality casino does not want to ruin the experience by draining the phone’s life.

There are tons of apps that run while the user plays their favourite slot games. With excellent optimization and prioritizing the casino app on Android, we have witnessed gameplay that lasted 4 hours or more.

Does this mean that playing your favourite slot on a browser will take more battery life? Well, it depends on the browser. We all know that Chrome is the best one because it was made by the guys who developed Android – Google.

Easy Payment and Withdrawal methods

Today we can use our phone as a credit card when we purchase something in a store. Imagine how easy it is to pay online on an online casino app.

Adding your payment details to the casino has never been easier than today. Just your usual insertion of credit/debit card method, or if you can’t be bothered with that, you can use your current Google Play payment method as a way to deposit funds.

On the other hand, the withdrawing method is a direct experience – you just add the method you wish to use for withdrawing the winnings. If you are wondering if depositing and withdrawing funds is a long process, don’t. All you need is to tap on the withdrawal or deposit, and all the funds will start moving to your account.

No lagging and faster loading time

Whether the users play on a browser or an App, they expect no lagging and faster loading time. It can get really annoying when playing a game of chance because you may play for real money after all.

Faster loading times also makes the user experience smooth. Long-loading times means that the casino hasn’t invested the time and effort optimizing their App or browser on a smart device. Logically not all phones are built in the same way. Meaning no phone has the exact tech specifications. That’s why developers must optimize their app for all types of phones that support Android or limit the app to the ones that can support it.

Huge Variety of Slot Games to choose from

Maybe having every casino game was impossible on a smartphone in the past because of the hardware limitations. Today, every game of chance, regardless of its type, can be on the App.

There are no limits and no reasons why every game should be present on the App. The only downside users experience is when new games are added to the App. Maybe through breaking news/notifications, they can update the app and play the latest games immediately. Rarely that’s the case, but it still can happen.  Playing a browser does not require updates and does not create this specific problem as the App does.

iGaming has taken its share in the Android App world. Any quality casino out there is constantly expanding and updating its applications that suit the needs of its users. From the information we provided, you know it is not a complex task to optimize the user experience. If all the marks check out, the online casino you are playing is a top one, and it will reach its full potential in no time.