What Are The Uses of DNS Servers

The internet allows you to access every content in the world. Regardless if you’re looking for an image, video or article, you can surely find it online. However, can you imagine how stressful it will be if you have to memorize all of the IP addresses of these sources rather than their domain names? This is one of the reasons why Domain Name System servers or DNS servers are useful because these work as the internet’s biggest phone book. It allows you to enjoy the internet better because you can access different resources by typing their domain names, not IP addresses.

DNS servers are essential to a person’s browsing experience, yet not everyone recognizes their importance. Without DNS servers, you’ll be forced to familiarize yourself with a bunch of number combinations before you can access a particular online resource. You can save time and energy from doing this by using DNS servers. Here are some other uses of DNS servers:

  1. DNS servers offer wide parental controls.

The internet can be a goldmine of information, especially for children and students. This can be the most convenient platform for them to learn new things without leaving the comforts of their own home. But their innocence increases their risk of being a victim of abuse and cybersecurity issues. DNS servers can be a godsend for parents and guardians because they provide different parental controls. With this feature, children won’t be allowed to access certain websites or niches. This feature will give you peace of mind knowing that your children are always safe online.

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  1. DNS servers can access geo-blocked content.

Certain websites are blocked in certain countries because of copyright issues. For example, Netflix is unavailable in China, North Korea, and Syria. If you live in these countries, you won’t have the luxury to watch movies and TV series online. In simpler terms, just because you’re living in a particular country, you wouldn’t have access to some websites. The use of DNS servers can change all of that.

You can bypass this by changing the DNS servers of your computer. You might be living in China, but once you change your DNS servers, it’ll look like you’re browsing from another country. This will allow you to access websites that are generally banned in your country.

  1. DNS servers can improve web browsing speed.

You’re using the internet because you want a quick and accurate response to a query. More often than not, you won’t have the time to personally ask your friends or read different books just to get an answer to a particular question. But when your internet takes too long to load, you won’t be able to experience promptness. If you’re experiencing slow internet connection, change your DNS servers. This a cheaper alternative than changing your ISPs.

  1. DNS servers can provide protection from phishing sites.

You can basically access anything on the internet, but as an online user, you won’t have any way to check whether a certain website is safe or not. You might be checking a website that seems legitimate and secure, but the next thing you know, all of your contact information and credit card numbers have already been stolen. This is the most classic example of phishing.

In case you didn’t know, phishing is the attempt of a particular website to obtain sensitive information from its online users, which can include passwords and usernames. You can minimize your chances of being a phishing victim by using DNS servers. This tool can block phishing websites from your computer and local network.

  1. DNS servers can increase your internet security.

The internet can improve the quality of your life, but on the other hand, it can also become the reason why your safety and security will be compromised. This is especially true for organizations and businesses that have a strong online presence because they are usually the biggest targets for hacking. If you want your online experience to be free from hackers, use DNS servers. Using DNS servers allows all of your customers’ queries to go through one platform, increasing the level of protection from external attacks.

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You can enjoy the internet through a variety of ways. Depending on your preference and budget, you can invest in different tools that can improve your online experience. However, if you’re looking for something that’s cost-effective and doesn’t require money from your pocket, take the time to know more about DNS servers. You’ll be surprised how this simple tool can take your online experience to the next level!

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