What criteria to consider when choosing a software developer

What to be guided by when choosing a developer company

More and more companies of different directions and sizes are turning to professional developers. Finished software, because of its universality, is congested with a large number of functions; it involves a purchase of license for each workplace and doesn’t always help achieving desired result in business processes optimization.

Sometimes, individual comprehensive approach to a number of problems is required, which is able to cover the entire range of assigned tasks and make maximum use of available resources. Then individual software development option is used and php developer outsource helps with its realization.


Advantages of individual order
Choosing software is a major decision for the firm; it determines future of the business. Software is a foundation on which the company will be developed. Experience shows – those firms that had entrusted software creation to nixsolutions.com became successful and won a place in the market.

What advantages must result-oriented software development firm have? Pay attention to the following characteristics:

Planning project’s quality. Firms focused on quality thoroughly work on their purpose and clearly describe project’s expectations.
Regulation of development processes. If you want to give your project to software developer, you need to understand what processes he uses. This should be done for ensuring that selected implementator has all abilities to make you a qualitative product. His processes should include regular monitoring, elaboration of future application’s design, sprints planning, application code writing, as well as project testing.
Full range of services. Make sure that software company offers various IT-services packages with the best match for customer’s needs and whether it’s possible to order a full package of software development, hire a team of professionals with the required skills, organize business information support infrastructure.
Interest in feedback. With the advent of web analytics, information accumulation and analysis have become a usual practice. Satisfaction of user’s needs is in the first place for companies, it determines their policy as a whole. These companies hold an opinion poll among customers at various stages of project development and always keep in touch with potential clients.
Customer services culture. Such companies practice customer-friendly approach and show great attention to client s’ needs. Their customer service is doing everything possible client to be satisfied with results.
Reliability. You should be certain that entrusting solution of your problems to company-developer you insure your investments. It is desirable you to monitor process through remote communication schemes. Make sure that implementator’s main characteristics are honesty and integrity.


Software for business should necessarily be profitable either by increasing sales volumes or by reducing company’s expenses. Therefore, competent implementation of such programs always pays off and even becomes profitable.

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