It’s an excellent time to look to the future and review the main challenges that we, as a digital society, will face in 2022. The most important challenges facing the education system will be:

Implement hybrid teaching models

We need to integrate and complement the traditional system of face-to-face training with distance learning. For this to be effective, it is necessary to have some resources: ensuring the connectivity of educational centers through open and secure connections; the use of platforms where teachers can share materials with students; or the use of electronic devices (such as computers) to be able to access this material will be some of the key points.

Coordination of online and face-to-face training through existing online platforms and resources. Tools such as Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom have served as a link between work inside and outside the classroom, helping teachers and students to keep track of their daily assignments and exam schedules. In the coming year, they are expected to become even more prominent at all levels of education, regardless of whether distance, face-to-face, or blended learning. Also, platforms provided help in studying where students can find answers to questions such as “Who can write my paper for me?” and hiring a writer or tutor are still popular.

Invest in infrastructure

To propose training programs to offer quality digital education.

Facilitate access to technology for those who do not have the resources to do so.

To have qualified digital personnel capable of sharing their knowledge and implementing these programs.

New professional profiles

The impulse of new technologies has brought with it the emergence of new professional profiles. To respond to this new demand for employment, highly specialized digital skills are needed, so it is necessary to encourage the study of STEM careers (those related to engineering, mathematics, science, and technology).

To this end, it is essential to raise awareness among students of the possible job opportunities and the professional future they can access through these careers. In particular, it is essential to do so among female students since less than 30% of higher enrollments in the STEM field belong to women, according to UNESCO data. The benefits of getting girls interested in STEM and ICT are many. Here we review some tips to encourage their interest from childhood:

Break gender stereotypes. Education, both at home and at school, is critical to make girls see that they can access any career and job they propose, avoiding the idea that there are careers for boys and girls.

Disseminate the available alternatives. Bringing science closer to girls in a playful way, making them see the possibilities it offers: working with cell phones, robots, etc.

Increased consumption through the Internet

Another consequence of the pandemic was increased online shopping in all sectors. According to a study by Salesforce, online sales grew by 65% in the first quarter of 2021. And growth is expected to continue.

Given this situation, it is essential to keep in mind some tips for safe online shopping:

Use a secure network. Avoid open public wifis that do not have a security guarantee.

Get to know the selling company. Analyze the website you are buying from and make sure it is a legal and authorized store.

Compare prices. Look at several pages for the same product to ensure that the price is similar. Be wary of “mega offers”.

Secure payment. Make sure that the web page where you will make the purchase starts with HTTPS and shows a padlock in the address bar.

Transfer to remote working

Undoubtedly, the adaptation of working from home has been one of the great challenges that companies have faced during this last year. Even though many people have returned to their face-to-face jobs with the arrival of the new normality, many other companies have seen in this an opportunity to give a push to remote work, especially those related to the marketing and digital advertising sector graphic design or IT.

Whether it is a way of working adopted by companies on a permanent or occasional basis, it is important to take into account a series of tips that help us to create a suitable work environment from home:

Plan your day. Keeping control and schedule of the tasks to be performed daily helps to organize the work.

Have a workspace. A specific place dedicated only to the working day, separated from the rest of the house where you perform other personal tasks.

Breaks. It is important to take short breaks every hour to disconnect, clear your mind and rest your eyes from the computer.

Communicate with your colleagues. There are hundreds of tools and applications to talk to other team members. Teleworking does not mean having to be alone.

The future will be digital

Faced with all these changes, most of them brought about by the arrival of COVID 19. We have lived through a period of constant adaptation in practically all aspects of our lives.

2022 will be the year of consolidation of the new normal. We will witness the birth and proliferation of hundreds of new programs, applications, and technological devices that will continue to transform how we relate to the world. Our adaptation to all these changes will depend on a joint effort and work between institutions, companies, and citizens, who will have to work together to make the most of the infinite possibilities technology offers.

These are the digital challenges and objectives for 2022, are you ready to overcome them?