What Does the Future Hold for Online Casinos?

The online casino industry is perhaps one of the hottest industries on the planet right now and the situation in the United States is no exception. The online casino environment in has changed considerably in the last few years and while there was a general ban across most countries in terms of online casino gaming, this has now moved to a more open landscape as the rise in mobile gaming has risen massively since the turn of the century.

This in turn has seen an increase in the number of available casinos worldwide has witnessed the introduction of many of the big online gambling brands rise up to take their share of the market. One of the next steps for the online casino industry will be the introduction of virtual reality casinos and augmented reality. This could include having a live dealer projected in your room, dealing the cards during a game of poker or even moving around a virtual casino floor, similar to how players interact with a world in a MMORPG game like World of Warcraft or Second life. This inclusion of tech will surely see more people choosing to stay at home and use online casinos as the technology progresses and becomes more immersive, as with all technological leaps. 5G is slowly being rolled out around the world which will ensure a better, faster connection for all users.

Moving with the times

Online gambling is fast becoming accepted around the glove and we expect to see more countries legalising online casinos throughout 2021 and beyond. The pandemic has seen millions of people turn to online solutions for many forms of entertainment, with gambling included. The technology is certainly in place for a massive push in the online casino industry, but the future will depend, partly, on the new administration entering the white house. However, there are unlikely to be any major changes in the current legal situation and online casinos in the US have a promising future.

In terms of the future for online casinos globally, you only have to look at the shifting emphasis in recent years to understand what may happen across markets like the US soon. Having legalised online gambling in 2017, there are currently 12 land-based and 12 licensed online casinos in the state of Pennsylvania. Perhaps the key to the development of online casinos in the United States is how they compete with the land-based alternative.

Methods will have to change to remain relevant

For example, almost every online casino will have a good bonus available for new players and this can sometimes be as much as $1,000 in addition to free spins on the slots. Can you imagine walking into one of the land-based casinos and asking them to double the amount you have to spend? It will never happen and even the regular, high rollers at a land-based casino will not be offered this type of bonus. The number of available games is another factor when comparing online and land-based casinos. You can often find over 500 different slots games alone at online casinos and land-based casinos will never be able to compete with that number.

So, in terms of the competition with land-based casinos, the future is looking bright for a technology focused, interactive online casinos experience in the future.