What is Proactive Network Maintenance?

The internet is not just an everyday utility. It’s fuel for our economic growth and provides opportunities that we couldn’t before imagine!

The World Wide Web has had such a profound impact on our lives in recent years; from broadband being one foundation to help create jobs, global competitiveness through access abroad or at home with improved technologies like 5G cell phones which allow us more freedom than ever when travelling around the world – but also within them because now you can stream videos without any issues even if your data plan doesn’t actively cover voice usage while roaming.

Customer experience has never been more important than it is now. With the introduction and improvement in broadband technologies, such as cable modem systems or DSL connections for example – customer care providers can create a better environment that will thrill their customers by providing reliable services with fast speeds!


The Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) philosophy is an innovative approach to network management that looks for the causes of failure before they occur. PNMs diagnose impending trouble spots and take action in order to remediate any issues before problems become evident, rather than waiting until there’s a problem.

Understanding the importance of monitoring your network’s health, especially with transient issues that are often related to time or temperature changes can be challenging. With more sophisticated tools becoming available over recent years there has never been a greater insight into what is happening within a cable system.

Why is PNM important?

From the modern world to our everyday lives, almost everything and everyone relies on some type of internet connection. From paying for a milkshake at a fast food joint using Point-of-Sale (POS) system with wireless connectivity, communicating through text messages or social media platforms like Instagram without ever having actually talked face-to-face; we depend so much upon this nowadays that as long as there’s access – which most people have these days due their jobs require them to travel often – then it will need Proactive Network Maintenance systems to ensure connections running smoothly

So How Does PNM Work?

PNM applications analyze data in cable modems using a simple network management protocol (SNMP). Using complex algorithms they are able to deduce the tap values from upstream frequency response, such as group delay and micro-reflections. Then Pnm will estimate distance of impairment which on pre equalizer digital taps.

It probably makes more sense for the network maintenance experts Axiros to explain how PNM works.

  • Frequent and continuous data collection from CMTS and modems via SNMP
  • Frequent monitoring of modems in target
  • Analysis of distortion signatures
  • Issue evaluation and classification
  • Calculations of distances to reflection points
  • Plot modems on a map — visual representations of known issues.

(List taken from: https://www.axiros.com/knowledge-base/docsis-pnm)

What Problems does PNM Solve?

The cable industry is spending millions of dollars every year on preventative measures to keep residential Wi-Fi networks running smoothly. PNM systems not only help to reduce troubleshooting costs but also standardize data collection and automates remote problem solving so that issues can be resolved more efficiently in future years – all while maintaining customer trust!

SO What Are The Advantages of PNM?

PNM’s innovative approach to locating and fixing cable modem impairments will help technicians troubleshoot faster, more efficiently. Paired with its ability to identify MAC addresses of affected devices on a geo-location system as well as monitor systems without cost through data collection methods such as this new methodology for RF testing called “Business Immune System” (BIS), they can now keep subscriber experience high by ensuring quality service offerings that meet or exceed industry standards!