What is the Reputation and Reliability of LeoVegas?

LeoVegas is an online casino that has evolved with the online casino world since its establishment in 2012 and has earned a reputation as a safe, reliable, and fair casino. Derived from Leo, the king of the hundred beasts, and Las Vegas, the representative of casinos, Leo Vegas calls itself the King of Mobile Casinos and is smoothly accessible from mobile devices. LeoVegas is finally a new addition to the Japanese casino scene with a Japanese name: レオベガス in October 2019.

In addition, Leo Vegas lives up to its name of being the King, with the highest number of game types and providers in the industry, and is so well known and awarded that any European, as well as Japanese online casino fan, will know it.

In this review, you will all the information you need to know about LeoVegas, including its bonuses, games, payment, and the most important thing, its security. However, if you’re still not convinced after reading this, we suggest you check here for a deeper analysis.

LeoVegas Reputation and Reviews

LeoVegas (レオベガス) is a highly reliable online casino that is run by a company listed on the Stockholm market. Let’s take a look at their credibility and why we recommend them.

Why LeoVegas is the best choice?

The LeoVegas smartphone site is so highly regarded in the casino industry that it is called the “King of Mobile Casinos,” and its ease of use is unsurpassed. In addition, a “multiplayer feature” has been added that allows you to play multiple slots at the same time, allowing you to enjoy casino games to the fullest.

LeoVegas offers plenty of opportunities to win free spins, including a sign-up bonus, but that’s not all. There are no withdrawal requirements for free spins at Leo Vegas. This means that you can withdraw your winnings from the free spins and wager them freely without worrying about wagering limits. Free spins with no restrictions are a rarity in the casino industry.

There are also four different jackpots that are only available to LeoVegas players, allowing you to hit the jackpot on slots that don’t normally have jackpots, such as Reactoonz and Money Train 2. Moreover, the Mega Jackpot starts at 600 million yen, so you have the potential to get rich.

There are more than 60 live casino tables and even a dedicated LeoVegas table. With a wide range of popular games from various genres, any player will be satisfied.

Leo Vegas Reputation

LeoVegas has a good reputation overall and LeoVegas has a particularly good reputation for being reliable and having easy to meet withdrawal requirements. LeoVegas’ poor reputation includes a slightly slower withdrawal processing time than other casinos, ranging from 24 hours to 3 days.

LeoVegas has a special withdrawal requirement, where the bonus is cashed in when the withdrawal requirement is met with the deposited amount. You can withdraw cash (deposited amount) at any time, even before the withdrawal requirement is met, and the bonus withdrawal requirement is not reset, so you can deposit and withdraw as many times as you want as long as it remains valid. As for free spins, there is not even a withdrawal requirement, making it easy for players to withdraw.

One of the main attractions is the jackpots that are exclusive to Leo Vegas players. Over 50 different slots have high jackpots, with jackpots starting up to 600 million yen. As you can see from this tweet, there have been winners of the LeoVegas exclusive jackpots from Japan as well.

Withdrawals at LeoVegas usually take between 24 hours and 3 days, so players who are used to casinos with fast withdrawal arrangements will find it slow. If it is too slow, you can contact support to arrange your withdrawal.

Is LeoVegas a scam?

Leo Vegas is not a scam. LeoVegas is an excellent and reliable casino, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. It is regularly audited by a third party.

Award-winning casino LeoVegas

LeoVegas has won a number of glorious awards in the online casino and online gaming world. For example, in 2016, they won the Best Online Gaming Operator Award at the International Gaming Awards, and they have also won the EGR Operator Award, the Oscars of the online casino industry, for a whopping five years in a row.

Is LeoVegas an illegal casino?

LeoVegas is not an illegal casino. Leo Vegas is a legal casino that holds a reliable casino license.

With licenses from the rigorous Maltese, British, Danish, and Swedish governments, respectively, LeoVegas is one of the best legal casinos in the industry.

Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Malta Gaming Authority license from the Government of Malta

How to deposit and withdraw money from LeoVegas (レオベガス)

leo vegas2
In addition to credit card deposits, LeoVegas supports major payment methods such as Ecopays, Match Better, and AstroPay, with no deposit or withdrawal fees. Leo Vegas recommends the use of Ecopays for convenience and other reasons.

How to Deposit at LeoVegas

The following deposit methods are available at LeoVegas

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • Ecopays
  • Astropeye
  • better match

How to withdraw money from LeoVegas

In LeoVegas, you can withdraw funds in the following ways

  • Ecopays
    • Minimum : 3,000 yen
    • Maximum : 2,300,000 yen
  • Astro-pay
    • Minimum: 3,000 yen
    • Maximum : 2,300,000 yen
  • better match
    • Minimum: 3,000 yen
    • Maximum : 2,300,000 yen
  • Bank transfer
    • Minimum: 3,000 yen
    • Maximum : 1,000,000 yen

Leo Vegas Casino Bonuses

LeoVegas offers a number of attractive bonuses. In addition to free spins with no deposit required, there are two welcome bonuses available, one for slots + table games and one for the live casino, and you can choose the one you want when you register.

LeoVegas No Deposit Bonus

When you register for Leo Vegas through this site, you will receive 30 free spins with no deposit required, which can be used in the Book of Dead.

Free spins have no withdrawal requirements and can be withdrawn immediately.

The free spins expire 3 days after registration.

No withdrawal limit for winnings.

Leo Vegas First Deposit Bonus

LeoVegas offers two types of first deposit bonuses for Japanese players, one for slots + table games and one for live casino. The free spins offered by LeoVegas have no withdrawal requirements, which is a big plus.

The details of each bonus are as follows.

For slots + table games: 30 free spins + up to $136,000 real money

The Leo Vegas deposit bonus is different from other casinos. Normally, you would receive a bonus with withdrawal requirements based on the amount you deposit, but at LeoVegas, when you make a deposit, you are subject to a 30x withdrawal requirement on the amount you deposit. If you meet the withdrawal requirements by playing slot games and table games, you will receive real money (cash) based on your deposit amount.

For example, if you deposit 1,500 yen on your first deposit, you will receive 1,500 yen real money by betting 1,500 yen x 30 = 45,000 yen with the money you have deposited. You can deposit as many times as you want until you meet this withdrawal requirement.

You can receive this bonus from your first to your third deposit. The real money you can receive for each deposit is as follows

First deposit: 10 free spins + up to $24,000 real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 1,500 yen
8,000 yen or more, but less than 24,000 yen 8,000 yen
24,000 yen or more 24,000 yen

2nd deposit: 10 free spins + up to $48,000 real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 4,000 yen 1,500 yen
4,000 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 4,000 yen
8,000 yen or more, but less than 24,000 yen 8,000 yen
24,000 yen or more but less than 48,000 yen 24,000 yen
48,000 yen or more 48,000 yen

3rd deposit: 10 free spins + up to 64,000 yen real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 4,000 yen 1,500 yen
4,000 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 4,000 yen
8,000 yen or more but less than 40,000 yen 8,000 yen
40,000 yen or more but less than 64,000 yen 40,000 yen
64,000 yen or more 64,000 yen

Only slots and table games (other than live casino games) count towards the withdrawal requirement.

There are no withdrawal requirements for free spins.

No maximum betting amount.

For live casino: up to $56,000 real money

The registration bonus for the live casino is a bonus based on the amount of your deposit if you meet the withdrawal requirement of 40 times the amount of your deposit in the live casino games. 40 times the amount of your deposit may sound harsh, but at LeoVegas, the live casino wagering rate is 100%, making it easier than other casinos. You may think that 40x is too much, but LeoVegas has a 100% live casino wagering rate, which makes it easier than other casinos (most other casinos have a 10% live casino wagering rate).

The real money you will receive for each deposit is as follows.

First deposit: up to $8,000 real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 4,000 yen 1,500 yen
4,000 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 4,000 yen
8,000 yen or more 8,000 yen

Second deposit: up to 16,000 yen real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 4,000 yen 1,500 yen
4,000 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 4,000 yen
8,000 yen or more, but less than 12,000 yen 8,000 yen
More than 12,000 yen but less than 16,000 yen 12,000 yen
16,000 yen or more 16,000 yen

Third deposit: up to 32,000 yen real money

amount of money received Real Money Amount
1,500 yen or more, but less than 4,000 yen 1,500 yen
4,000 yen or more, but less than 8,000 yen 4,000 yen
8,000 yen or more, but less than 16,000 yen 8,000 yen
16,000 yen or more but less than 32,000 yen 16,000 yen
32,000 yen or more 32,000 yen

No maximum betting amount.

LeoVegas Withdrawal Requirements

LeoVegas’ withdrawal requirements are basically 30x for slot table rewards and bonuses and 40x for live casino rewards and bonuses. There are no withdrawal requirements for free spins.

Leo Vegas VIP Program

LeoVegas has a loyalty program called the VIP program. With this, you can enjoy various benefits such as bonuses on your birthday, special events that only VIP members can participate in, discounts on payment fees, and much more.

Your VIP status can be viewed from your profile. There are levels from 1 to 70+, and the bonuses you receive become more and more luxurious as your level increases.

Is LeoVegas smartphone compatible? What about smartphone apps?

leo vegas3
LeoVegas allows you to enjoy all the games and live games from your browser on your mobile devices, such as a cell phone or tablet, just like on your PC.

The mobile site is very easy to use, partly because the founders of LeoVegas saw the potential of mobile technology and are very active in incorporating the most advanced mobile technology into their online casino. In addition, there is a Japanese version of the Android and iPhone apps available for download.

Popular LeoVegas Games

LeoVegas offers a wide selection of casino games from numerous game developers, allowing you to play games from the industry’s leading providers.

Recommended Slots in Leo Vegas


Rear Toons is a falling game with cute patterns. It is a slot with a lot of explosive power that can lead to big wins if the chain of events continues, although big wins are not frequent.

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephant, as the name suggests, is a slot with an exotic pink elephant theme. The main feature of this slot is that it has 4,096 active pay lines. In normal slot games, the number of active pay lines is around 100 at most, so you can see how many active pay lines there are in Pink Elephant. Although the trigger rate of free spins is low, if you are lucky enough to get one, you can easily win a lot of money, which is another reason for its popularity.

LeoVegas Jackpot

Leo Vegas offers four jackpots, the Leo Super Jackpots, which can only be won by Leo Vegas players.

The unique feature of Leo Super Jackpot is that you can win the jackpot on slots that are not jackpot machines. And it’s not just games from one provider, but games from many popular providers such as Playingo, NetEnt, Quickspin, etc. Reactoonz, Wild Swarm, Dead or Alive 2, etc. are also eligible.

All four jackpots are progressive. As for the Mega Jackpot, you can win a minimum of 600 million yen.

  • Mini: Starting at 600 yen
  • Minor: Starting at 12,000 yen
  • Majors: Starting at 12,000,000 yen
  • Mega: Starting from 600,000,000 yen

To participate, simply open a game with the Jackpot logo and click “Join” in the game. If you want to cancel your participation, you can do so at any time by opening the game and clicking the button.

Why don’t you take advantage of the privilege of being a LeoVegas player and try to win a big jackpot?

LeoVegas also offers about 60 different jackpot games, so you can chase your dreams of winning the jackpot on a variety of slots.

Multiple slots can be played at the same time! Multiplayer feature

Leo Vegas comes with a “multiplayer feature” that allows you to play two or more slot games at the same time. By using the multiplayer feature, you can double your fun and your chances of winning. It’s easy to get carried away with the fun, but don’t forget that you’ll lose twice as much money as your wager.

The multiplayer feature can be accessed by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the gameplay screen.

LeoVegas Blast (BLAST) Function

LeoVegas Blast is a feature that allows you to automatically play a predetermined number of spins and wager amounts on a slot until you reach the bonus round, allowing you to spin the slot automatically behind the screen while playing other games.

Blasting is only available on the mobile site and Android app. The PC version and iOS app will be supported in the future.

At the moment, it is only available for NetEnt games, but the company plans to gradually increase the number of available games in the future.

Recommended slots to buy free spins in LeoVegas (レオベガス)

In LeoVegas, it is possible to purchase free spins on certain slots. Some of the recommended slots where you can buy free spins at LeoVegas are the popular slot Sweet Bonanza, as well as, for example, the following

  • Fat Santa
  • Mani Train (Money Train)
  • Snake Arena
  • Deadwood

How to Enjoy Free Games in LeoVegas

At LeoVegas, if you select a game on the site without logging in, you can play it in free mode. You don’t have to be registered to play, so this is a good option for those who want to try out what games are available before registering.

Live Casino in Leo Vegas

LeoVegas offers a wide variety of live casino tables, over 60 in all.

One of the best live casinos in LeoVegas is the exclusive series of tables called Chambre Séparée, which means “separate room” in French, sponsored by Evolution Gaming. Here, you are guaranteed a luxurious and exclusive casino experience that you won’t find in any other casino.

For example, you can enjoy the Leo Blackjack Show, where a blackjack expert acts as the dealer while talking about blackjack strategy, or the LeoVegas Silent Blackjack, a blackjack table where the dealer does not speak. You can enjoy a different kind of live casino.

It costs a lot of money to set up a dedicated table at Evolution Gaming, and you have to go through a screening process, so the fact that they have so many dedicated tables shows the power and reliability of the casino.

Can you really make money with Leo Vegas?

LeoVegas has already produced a millionaire, with a player from Sweden taking out a whopping jackpot of about 920 million on Joker Millions. Another player staked 10 Euros and won a jackpot of about 790 million (6.7 million Euros) on NetEnt’s Hall of Gods.

Japanese language support for LeoVegas (レオベガス)

LeoVegas has Japanese language support available via email and lives chat. Phone support is also available for VIP players only. Support can be contacted from the “Contact Us” page.

There is also a Japanese page of frequently asked questions.

Self-regulation tools for LeoVegas

LeoVegas is committed to providing a safe environment for players to play and has created a special site called Leo Safe Play, with tools to check for gambling addiction and consultation services.

There is also a self-limiting feature that allows players to set their own betting and playing time limits. There is also a player history page where you can see a list of your play history and play amounts.

How to register for Leo Vegas and how to get the registration bonus

leo vegas4
First, go to the official LeoVegas page and click “Open Account” to open the registration page.

When you open the registration page, first enter your e-mail address, password, and phone number. At this point, you will also see the registration bonuses available to you, so choose the one you want to receive.

Next, enter your name, address, date of birth, and gender, and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Enter the “Confirmation Code” that was sent to the first phone number you entered.

Registration in Leo Vegas is now complete.

The registration bonus can be received by selecting an eligible bonus on the deposit page when making a deposit. No deposit free spins will be automatically awarded after registration.

LeoVegas Frequently Asked Questions

What are the withdrawal requirements for Leo Vegas?

Withdrawal requirements at LeoVegas vary depending on the type of bonus, with no withdrawal requirement for free spins and 30-40x for other bonuses.

What is the registration bonus for LeoVegas?

After registering at LeoVegas, you will receive a no deposit free spins bonus plus your choice of two deposit bonuses.

Do free spins have an expiration date?

The free spins must be used up within three days of receiving them.

Can I play LeoVegas games for free?

At Leo Vegas, you can play the games for free, except for a few games. You can also play the games for free and win money by taking advantage of the no deposit bonus that you get right after you register.

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Number of games Over 1700 types
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