What is Wager in Gambling and How to Use It

In the modern world of gambling, the new promising online projects are born every day. Intense competition leads to the fact that casinos begin to actively fight for each potential customer. What do the online casinos do? The most common method is to use bonuses and special offers that new users receive after registering on the casino official website. However, there are also pitfalls – special conditions for the bonuses withdrawal – so-called wager. What is wager and how to use it – read below.


The Idea of Wager

Introducing wagers is not a new idea. Every new online casino sites on Casinority.com offers plenty of similar bonuses. A wager is a term meaning bet. In modern online casinos, this word express the conditions of wagering bonuses. In simple words, a wager can be defined as the minimum number of bets required to withdraw money from a personal casino account to your bank account. Thus, the concept of the sum of the wager means the minimum required number of bets that must be made by the player.

Most often, the sites offer a bonus multiplying the deposit. How does it work? For instance, an online casino offers a bonus of 100%. The user pays €50 and gets €50 bonuses. As a result, he has €100 on the account. Under the terms of the promotion, it will not be possible to withdraw the whole amount at once, as you need to wager the bonus.

In this case, the casino shows how much the user must bet. For instance, the wager score is indicated as x10, i.e. to withdraw €50 you need to make bets in the amount of 10 times more than the amount originally deposited (€500). After the user makes bets on €500, he or she can withdraw it.


When the Wager is Used?

Casinos can set the following types of bonuses when a wager is used:

  • interest on the first deposit – the user receives a bonus in the form of a percentage of the deposit amount (most often up to 100%), but the promotion is possible only for those who make a deposit for the first time;
  • registration bonus – the user receives a welcome bonus from the site after registration;
  • holiday promotions – special gifts of various types available only on important dates and holidays;
  • the percent for the next replenishment – the bonus is credited in the form of up to 100% of the deposit upon repeated replenishment.

How to Use a Wager in a Casino?

To use the received bonus as quickly as possible, you need to carefully learn the terms of the promotion. For effective wagering, it is necessary to choose slot machines that are optimal for the task. It is recommended to consider the following types of slots:

  1. With hidden symbols – these slot machines give a high chance of winning or getting free spins.
  2. With a high percentage of returns – these are the automatic machines with the highest possible rates.
  3. High-value payouts – slots that allow you to greatly boost money when collecting small combinations and will help you to quickly play a wager.
  4. Machines without a cumulative jackpot – at such, slots winning combinations occur more often, although the prizes are small.

Using such slots, it will turn out the provided bonus from the casino to wager as quickly as possible but will increase the deposit value not significantly. It is recommended to pay attention to the wager indicator. The more it is, the harder it will be to wager the bonus.

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