What Mobile Accessories Do You Need Starting your own TikTok?

Fame, money, popularity – TikTok promises all these things to its contributors.

The social media app has become one of the largest platforms for video creation and sharing. As of 2021, there are 689 million active users on TikTok!

Well, if you are thinking about being a social media influencer, then the platform is a great place to start.

Hey, wait a minute before you begin video creation and search for a reputable TikTok growth service to grow the account. There’s one thing you need to know.

Your videos need to be of GOOD quality to make even the slightest of impacts in the saturated TikTok market. So, does this mean purchasing equipment worth thousands of dollars? Certainly not!

You can make quality videos using the mobile phone you have in your hand right now. Just add a few accessories to take your videos to the next level!

Below, we have addressed two important aspects for all TikTok influencers: some of the best mobile accessories to make amazing videos and how to get more TikTok followers?

Hopefully, this will help you kick-start your TikTok account like a pro!

Best Mobile Accessories to start your TikTok

There are indeed hundreds of options available in the market. People might even suggest you arm-length lists of things you should purchase.  But, please don’t!

As a beginner, there are only four important types of mobile accessories you should invest in. These include:

Tripods & Mobile Stabilizers

A tripod is the most essential tool a video maker can possess. The three-legged stand ensures your camera remains stable as you shoot.

There are different types of tripods available today, such as:

  • Regular tripod
  • Adjustable tripod
  • Portable mini tripod

Some tripods even come with ring lights and mirrors to make video making even more convenient. But, the price also goes up with the additional features.

As a beginner, an adjustable tripod is recommendable. It has bendable or movable legs that allow you to shoot videos anywhere, anytime. Just make sure that the mobile attachment is compatible with your particular phone.

Attachable Lenses

Of course, having a DSLR or a high-quality mirrorless camera have significant benefits in terms of video quality. You get clarity, stability, and much greater control over the visual parameters.

But, there’s one prominent drawback too. TikTok videos should have a vertical frame. So, using a professional camera, you need to be vigilant about framing a lot.

Plus, DSLR and Mirrorless cameras do not have every feature in one place. The compatibility of the device has limitations.

First, you will have to transfer RAW data into a laptop or PC. Then, convert the format before finally uploading it on TikTok. All of this can be a bit of a hassle.

Mobile phones offer convenience and ease in these aspects. You can get everything done with one device. However, the video quality sometimes gets compromised.

For quality upgrade, what you can do is add attachable lenses to your TikTok video-making arsenal.

There are various mobile lenses available. These allow you to adjust focal length, exposure and even apply built-in filters. Surprisingly, the results are similar to professional gear!

Ring Lights

A good lighting setup can enhance your video quality. In brighter surroundings, your camera can focus better and promise clarity.

So, additional light sources are something you should have for making TikToks. While professionals may recommend softboxes and flashes worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you should go with a powerful ring-light.

Ring lights require minimal effort to set up. And, there are several user-friendly features to customize the lighting effect, such as temperature and colors.


Together, good quality video and audio can make your TikTok ten times more engaging-perhaps, even viral.

TikToks showing the creator and containing their audio gets more interaction than dull, music ones. So, if you intend to make one, audio should be one of your priorities.

There is no need to get fancy, though we recommend investing in a mobile-compatible microphone. It helps produce a vivid and detailed audio output.

Growing your TikTok account

Once you have all this equipment, the video quality of your TikToks will increase drastically. And so will the followers, considering the uploaded videos have good content.

You can grow your TikTok account using two methods:

  1. Organic growth

By organic, we mean following built in a specific time. Some people achieve this overnight by trending and viral videos.  Meanwhile, some do it in months and even years.

This particular method requires a lot of input from your side.  You will have to focus on your competitors, analyze the stats after each video, and alter the strategies accordingly. Then, you have to use correct hashtags, stay updated with trends and whatnot.

  1. TikTok growth services

Nowadays, there are several third-party growth services available. These platforms use effective, well-developed marketing methods to boost your videos and profile.  People who use this method gain a good following easily. However, make sure to select reputable services.

Besides, growth in any field also depends on consistency and persistence. Keep on uploading original, high-quality content regularly. And, you will become a TikTok celebrity in no time!