What You Need to Know: 4 Advantages of Reducing PDF File Size

PDF Files can be too large, mainly if it contains plenty of image content and non-standard fonts. Remember, PDF stands for Portable Document Format, which means the file should look the same no matter what device you use to open the document. As a result, people try to reduce PDF size without affecting the quality of the images and the other content.

Apart from reducing the PDF file size without affecting the quality of image content, you also have to be aware of your computer’s memory or cloud storage. Imagine owning multiple large-sized PDFs and storing all of them on your desktop or your phone. Your device will start to slow down, which could significantly affect your overall performance.

People need to be more aware of handling pdf because not only do large file sizes take up a lot of memory space, and they also prevent you from sending emails. Therefore, here are the four advantages of reducing PDF file size that you need to know.

Effective Email Transmission

We’re living in a world where we use technology to receive and send information. There are times when the services we’re using to send and receive information have limitations, such as file sizes. For instance, Gmail only allows file attachments below 25MB of file size.

Since PDF files are usually large, the only way to send these files through email is to compress the document. Finding the best online tool to compress pdf, such as PDFBear, is essential because there are various online tools out there that vary in terms of the compression algorithm.

Compressing PDF allows you to decrease the file size as small as possible while maintaining the overall quality of the image content. As a result, having to send PDF files faster saves a lot of time and could also lead to a better transaction experience.

Faster Downloads

Even though the world is evolving, there are still countries and areas around the world that have a slow internet connection. Businesses and individuals should always consider internet speed as a factor when sending files because more megabytes means it’ll take longer for the document to download.

Although PDF files as large as 50 to 100mb isn’t much of a problem when downloading, what’ll happen if you send and receive thousands of reports larger than 100mb? The idea of compressing the PDF


Compressing PDF using online tools usually uses a lossless compression algorithm to reduce the file size as much as possible without sacrificing quality.  Using online tools with the mentioned compression algorithm allows you to send PDFs back and forth effectively. Moreover, you can access them outside the workplace and even transfer the files from one phone to another.

Save Computer Space and Cloud Storage

Computer memory can be expensive, and having multiple files of PDF is a factor that could take up so much of your computer’s memory. The reason why reducing the PDF file size by compressing them is essential is because if your computer’s memory starts to fill up, the overall performance also decreases.

On the other hand, there are plenty of businesses nowadays that use cloud storage to store all of their documents. With that in mind, purchasing extra storage is a waste of expenses when you compress the PDF files in the first place.


There are many more advantages to reducing the PDF file size, but the four benefits mentioned above are the essential reasons why you should always compress PDF files. Effective email transmission, faster downloads, shareability, and saving computer space, and cloud storage are the factors that benefit business and individuals the most.