What’s the next step in immersive sport experience?

The way in which technology has advanced in recent years has been astonishing. The immersive sports experience that is possible takes our breath away. What is the next step though, prepare for your jaws to drop even lower as more and more advancements are made.

It’s not that long ago that the thought of virtual reality was a scene from a sci-fi movie. Wouldn’t it be amazing if that all came true, well it did, and more is on the way.

Just as playing video games has become a successful sport of its own, immersive sports may go down the same route. The pandemic helped e-Sports go to a new level, the same can apply to immersive sports. That could even mean a place in the Olympic Games in the future.

We never imagined that video games would end up being shown on sports sites. The future is likely to see e-athletes doing their best to get a win while wearing their VR goggles. One bonus here is that it is likely to see younger people becoming more active in sport. They might not fancy training for hours and hours, but this new kind of sport is bound to appeal to them.

Last year saw the holding of the Laval Virtual Days Sport and the message was that immersive technologies are part of the future of sport. It’s not just taking part in the sport but also watching it. Lockdown has prevented fans from attending sporting fixtures. That’s been such a painful experience for many who long to return to the terraces. No one can say that situation won’t happen again in the future.

Immersive technology has played a role in softening that pain. They offer fans a new experience via augmented reality. In the future, this may play an even larger part in our lives. The use of digital elements with plenty of data about the players or the match is heaven for those who love a stat or three. In a world where keeping your distance from people is going to continue to be important, using this technology is important.

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For those who play rather than watch sport, the future is also going to be different. It is likely to become increasingly digital.  Virtual reality will be used more for training. All very helpful when the rain is pouring down and the temperature below zero.

Using VR, you can standardize a situation. This can then be repeated time after time to look at how a sportsman behaves. A VR headset has already been used to help goalkeepers with their peripheral vision. As technology advances in the future, it can be used in many more areas to help sports players improve their performances. Perhaps how to create a decent goal celebration?