Which AWP Skin Should You Choose up to $10?

The AWP in CS:GO is still the same harsh and merciless sniper rifle with monstrous damage and enviable penetration.

It can become both the most effective murder weapon as well as a liability that accelerates enemy victory and makes life easier for the opponent. It all depends on whose hands this weapon ends up in. Unlike the rest of the CS:GO arsenal, AWP is extremely demanding of its owner in terms of skills.

If the player is a specialist, he turns into a deadly threat with this rifle. If not a specialist, he becomes easy prey for everyone else. The price of a miss due to the high noise and low rate of fire here is uniquely high, but hits in the body are guaranteed to ensure the elimination of the enemy. If the bullet hits a leg, the opponent has about 20 health units, or even less. And here it is also important to choose the right skin, for example awp phobos.


Why do you Need to Choose Phobos?

Phobos has an average price among the skins of this sniper rifle. On it, the surface of the sniper rifle is not the same as usual; it is instead made from various metal parts. Also, various electronic parts have been applied to the rifle, which work well.

Now, a little about the difference in the qualities of this skin. There are only four types of exterior in this skin, and the most extreme of them is Well-Worn. In this capacity, you will not find any serious paint damage. The most worn parts are some edges of the metal plates, as well as places near the boltholes.

If we talk about prices, they are as follows:

  • Factory New – $1.40–10;
  • Minimal Wear – $0.90–3.40;
  • Field-Tested – $0.80–5;
  • Well-Worn – $5.

If you don’t follow trends, then with this design your rifle will definitely look stylish. This effect is achieved due to the black and yellow diagonal stripes located on the forearm, sight and back of the butt. There are cases when this skin in a Well-Worn exterior may cost more than Factory New. This is quite unusual for CS:GO items.

How to Buy Skins

One of the easiest and most popular ways to buy skins is to purchase them from the Steam marketplace. The price of skins can vary a lot on this site, so check the price chart before buying. Also note that you can buy a skin without any problems, but you cannot withdraw money from the platform.

Another way to buy is from users. It can be convenient and fast, but you must first pay the player and wait for the exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to trust a person and not fall for scammers.

You can also buy skins on special platforms and withdraw money to your personal account. However, you do not need to buy skins on obscure sites, as there is a possibility of losing not only your skins, but also your account. You need to trust only proven sites. Moreover, the price is lower, and there are more offers.

A sniper rifle in CS:GO is a formidable weapon that can turn any game moment around. The main thing, perhaps, is to learn how to use it correctly. For proper interaction with a sniper rifle, the player will be forced to spend a lot of hours on training, constantly improving their own skills, because it is the only way to become better and better.