Which is the Best PDF to Word Converter?

The Portable Document Format has done a great job in ensuring that documents are consistent across all software and platforms. They make sharing of files easy and more natural, unlike other formats. However, you may receive a document in PDF format, but you wish to have it in word document format. Once a file is converted to PDF, it is hard to change it back to word document unless you have a converter to help you with the task. You will need special software for the job and for quality results; you need to ensure that you are using the right tool.

How do you get the best PDF to Word converter? There are some aspects to consider in the software before deciding on which one to use. Some of the features of a good converter include;

It should be compatible with other platforms

Check if the software is compatible with major platforms such as Windows, MacOS or Linux. This ensures that it can work perfectly with any computer. Going for an incompatible converter will result in an epic fail, and the process cannot be complete.

Consider speed

The primary aim of going for the converter is to save time and have the document converted faster than you would have done it manually. Remember when you want to unlock pdf file you want fast software. You, therefore, have to ensure that it can do the job within your desired timeframe by running a test first.

Retains formatting

You want to maintain the original features of the PDF document after converting it to Word. These include elements such as graphics, texts, and font. Ensure that the software you choose does not lose such features as you might end up missing the bigger picture of the information contained in the document. The conversion should be accurate, quality and clear.

Does it offer editable text?

Once you have converted your document to Word, some aspects may require changes. Check if the conversion is editable first as this will save your time.

Page limit

This is a crucial aspect and should be on your list of priorities. Everyone has different needs and what you wish to convert is different from what other people could be converting. The length of the document differs too, and you must ensure that whichever PDF to Word converter you choose fits your specific needs. Also, you have to consider your future needs. You may need to convert a bigger document in the future than you need today. Such aspects should never be left out.

Does it support a variety of formats?

Just because you need the converter for PDF to Word conversion today does not mean that you will always need it for that purpose. You may need it for something else in the future such as converting word document to PDF, PDF to images among others. Go for a software that supports all these types of processes.


Choose a converter that you can comfortably afford.

These tips will help narrow down your search for the best PDF to Word converter, and you can be assured of getting quality conversions. Here at Think Computers we use PDFSimpli, an online PDF conversion and editing tool. The annual membership costs less than a $1 per month for a user (7 users) and includes all the vital features listed above.  Overall, be careful with what you choose to invest in for your PDF conversion and editing software.

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