Which One Is The Best – Online Rummy Or Traditional Rummy With Real Cards?

Rummy has been around for several decades now. From being a mere closed group indulgence it has come a long way. Today, it is online rummy which is hogging the limelight. Gone are the days when you played with the same group and knew very well the strengths and weakness of each player. Today, with the online format, the world is the arena where rummy players from across the globe play rummy online to prove their expertise in the game.

But are you harboring doubts about which one is the best – online rummy or traditional rummy with real cards?  Here are some interesting facts you may consider before drawing your conclusion.

Convenience matters

In earlier days, people found time to meet in the evenings or during weekends and enjoy while playing rummy. But in the recent years, with the fast-paced lives that we lead, finding time for oneself let alone recreation is nothing less than a luxury. Convenience matters the most. When you play rummy online it provides a fresh respite to our busy lives with the freedom to play anytime and anywhere as we please. A big thumbs-up for this feature!

Game options in plenty

Now, who doesn’t love to be spoilt for choices? Well, online rummy offers several game options for players not only to learn how to play rummy game but bask in its fun and excitement. Rummy sites offer the options of free and cash rummy for players to have fun and at the same time enjoy some real action packed cash rummy games too.  The interesting game variants of the popular Indian rummy such as Pools, Points, and Deals rummy also add up to the excitement as players can switch between variants and experience unlimited fun.

Transparent and fair game

When you play traditional rummy with real cards, a figment of doubt may cross your mind if the dealer did a fair job while shuffling and dealing the cards. However, when you play rummy online there is no human intervention and the process of shuffling and dealing the cards is automated. More so, many rummy sites are Random Number Generator (RNG) certified – proof of fair game conducted on their platforms.

Players from across the world

Playing with the same group of friends does not entice after sometime. You quickly lose interest and excitement to play as there are no new challenges that your group players could throw at you. But when you are playing online rummy, your opponents could be in any part of the world. Each player brings his/ her unique style, strategies and surprises, and endless opportunities to unravel new challenges and chase them. Your skills on how to play rummy get an edge.

Exciting offers and rewards

Traditional rummy does not stand a chance against online rummy when it comes to the exciting games, offers and rewards. The array of tournaments, bonuses and cash prizes given away by rummy sites ensure players play rummy online with ever-increasing interest and zeal.

Finally, what’s your stance?

Traditional rummy with real cards has its own vintage charm; but, the changing times have indeed fostered the growth of online rummy for its features – fast, fun and fab play.

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