Why Do You Need an ERP System For the Construction Industry

The construction industry has become more challenging and competitive during the last years, even though the pandemic is still going on all over the world. Companies all around the world are on the hunt for any means to increase productivity, achieve integration, and stain competitiveness. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other services provided by a construction software development company enable organizations and their contractors to manage projects efficiently throughout the entire lifecycle. It also integrates all the information and resources that you need to run any type of organization and helps to build complex construction projects the right way in minutes instead of hours.

Don’t believe you really need technology adoption? There were 4.372 billion buildings in the world as of September 2021. Using software solutions, BROAD Group was able to construct a 10-story apartment building in 28 hours and 45 minutes in Changsha, China. In this article, Intelvision has summarized what business owners, construction managers, and marketers need to know about ERP, and what are the key advantages of the Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

What is ERP for Construction Company

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is an integrated approach to automating the management of all business processes with one program, including finance, supplies, personnel activities, customer relationships, and precise regulated accounting. ERP systems are being implemented in various sectors, including construction, where planning and resource management are important components of a successful business. Thanks to it, the management gets an effective tool for monitoring and managing the life cycles of construction projects.

The construction ERP has features that allow you to solve such problems as:

  • management of all project stages;
  • accounting and tax accounting;
  • keeping all the records right in one place;
  • performance analyzing;
  • financial planning and project estimating;
  • automatic resource needs calculation;
  • receiving reminders of various events, etc.

The Enterprise Resource Planning systems also serve as a kind of platform for the integration of effective analytical apps, CRM systems, etc. The introduction of ERP for construction makes it possible to coordinate all goals and objectives for both the company as a whole and individual units. For example, with the integrated tools that Intelvision offers, it is much easier to properly handle your teams, schedules, projects, and client questions in a completely effortless manner.

You can let the cloud-based ERP system help in taking care of the mundane elements while you focus on more important tasks. Construction management software such as ERP system will allow you to “cut corners” and spend your efforts on finding innovative solutions in order for your company to bloom.

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The ERP system can also track all of the changes you make during the project, where there is very little room for mistakes. The best general ERP solutions can help you make the best of the information available so that your project can be as flawless as possible.

Finally, due to the versatile presence of mobile across all the locations and sites, ERP software providers are getting mobile-friendly today. The access to project-related information on mobile speeds up the overall operations of the business. The mobile-friendly attribute of ERP solutions makes use of SMS alerts and bulk SMS communication as the prime tool to elevate the company’s productivity. The access of ERP on a mobile device ensures that real-time updates keep taking place from every project site.

Let’s recap! ERP systems ensure more efficient management decision-making due to timely and accurate information, save time and minimize the impact of the human factor. The Enterprise Resource Planning system adoption significantly reduces the number of inaccuracies in planning and has a positive effect on profit growth and cost reduction, which is especially important in turbulent times, with economic instability and uncertainty.

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ERP implementation allows to:

  1. reduce by 70% comparing the actual and planned project indicators;
  2. minimize overhead costs by reducing manual labor and paper document management;
  3. increase control over the chain of all business processes, which will significantly reduce the time for making decisions and improve management quality.

The ERP adoption significantly increases the efficiency of construction companies and raises their competitiveness.

Intelvision is a software developer that specializes in custom technological products specifically for construction companies. In addition to the standard functionality that will improve the company’s marketing strategies, record calls for further analysis, and identification of weaknesses of communication with clients, its products will allow users to compile budgets, construction calculations, objects, and many other features capable of significantly optimizing the company’s business processes.

With this ERP system, you can greatly facilitate and improve the work of your construction company, optimize many routine processes and bring up interaction with clients to a fundamentally new level.

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If you plan to adopt an ERP in your company, but do not have the necessary skills and resources, use the expert experience of the company’s employees to ensure a confident project start and high efficiency.