Why Instagram Likes Matter

Social media has proven to be a life-force for many people. Anyone who gets numerous likes on Instagram tends to be positively motivated to continue doing what they do and sharing their life online. Imagine posting a video or photo, and there is no single like, not even from your followers. It would be a signal that something may be wrong. So, do Instagram likes matter? Here are five reasons why they matter:

1)                  Likes Enhance Popularity

Everyone wishes to be recognized, especially on what he or she can do. A photographer’s portfolio is built on the number of pictures taken. If more people could like what you post, then more people would expect and look forward to other posts. Sadly, people’s perception of you may be determined by the number of likes you have generated. For this reason, you could look for ways to gain automatic Instagram likes because they will make you more popular.

2)                  Help Build an Online Presence

You may not have your name in lights and billboards, but you can have your name on thousands of Timelines. What if you woke up to a million likes on a picture of your poorly cooked food? It may seem funny, but those likes point out to numerous people who related to your predicament. Such following helps a person to build an online profile as a writer, photographer, DJ among others. Therefore, you can share your hobbies with an audience that is readily willing to like and follow you.

3)                  Likes Are a Source of Motivation

A simple rant video about your favorite team could become famous worldwide. To such a person, what comes next? More rant videos! Any post that receives many likes on Instagram will motivate a person to post more. Positive feedback will not affect someone negatively. A simple like shows that the people agree with, or believe in what you posted. Such will motivate you to post more and more.

4)                  Likes Help Promote Marketing

Online marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to a target audience. If you tend to have many Instagram likes, then you may be approached by potential sponsors to help market specific products, because of the online command you may have. It is beneficial both to you and the people who need their products marketed. Your profile, therefore, ends up being a source of income. Nobody can pass up a chance to earn extra cash from the comfort of his or her Instagram account.

5)                  They Promote Networking

If you had a hashtag for your daily posts, then the most probable audience would be those interested in that tag. You, therefore, get to connect with people you share similar goals and ideologies. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you get to meet up with others. This builds your list of people with whom you can connect.

Whether for business or personal hobbies, likes are essential to you keeping your account active. Without them, no one would still bother to post on their pages consistently.

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