Why is downloading and installing a betting application not as easy as it seems?

If you want to have loads of fun once you start betting on the go, you need to find a bookie or a casino with a mobile application. Even though every brand has a mobile site, the operators with an app usually offer more bonuses, special features, and a bunch of other surprises.

Usually, downloading and installing an application isn’t complicated. Everyone with an Android or an iOS device knows how to go to the App Store/Google Play and download any app in a matter of seconds. However, getting your hands on your preferred mobile betting app is not as easy as it seems. Let’s check out why this is the case.

You can’t find the Betway application on Google Play

Regardless if you are interested in Betway or any other top-rated online betting websites, you probably won’t find the application on Google Play. Even though Android accepts more apps than the App Store, things are different when it comes down to online betting.

In order to get the Betway app, you have to visit this page and download the special apk file. Once ready, you have to manually install the file, which will probably require you to change some of your device’s settings. Usually, Android phones don’t allow users to install apps outside of Google Play. Thankfully, the latest Android updates have an option that allows you to disable this restriction.

Once you do that, open the apk file and complete the registration process. You will have to go through these steps almost every time because only a few betting operators have an app on Google Play.

Some betting applications are not available in many countries

One of the worst things about online betting is that this is one of the most regulated industries in the world. As a result, there is a pretty good chance that your country does not allow any betting applications within its jurisdiction.

You can easily check whether there are any gambling apps by opening the App Store or Android’s alternative and type the word “betting” in the search box. If you live in a country where those kinds of apps are prohibited, you have to use a VPN or just change your location inside Google Play and the App Store, and you will probably find some apps. However, this may cause problems with your local authorities, so check whether it is legal.

The bookie/casino might not allow players from your country

The last problem that you may face is related to the bookie/casino you’ve chosen. Some brands don’t allow users from certain countries to open an account on their platform. This means that even if you download and install the app on your smartphone, you won’t be able to take advantage of anything it offers if the operator does not allow you to open an account.

To avoid this problem, open the bookie/casino’s website and check its full T&C. In some cases, you can even contact customer support if you need more info.