Why is Drag and Drop Such an Important Feature in a Website Builder?

Drag and drop is one of the most famous features of the desktop, and it has been around since the early days of computers. Not only does it allow users to conduct precise actions, but it also provides a hands-on feel. There are other ways around the drag and drop method on modern devices, but it still remains an important tool for performing certain tasks such as website building.

The History of Drag and Drop

Began in the 1970s

The first drag and drop function is said to have been created by Jef Raskin in the 1970s. Raskin was a programmer and inventor who worked on the first Apple Macintosh computer, and he originally called the function “click-and-drag.” Although Raskin conceived the idea, it was implemented by Bill Atkinson at Apple. It later became a universal feature of all computers.

This feature swiftly became known as drag and drop, and it has been one of the most useful tools ever since it was invented. It has been important because users need to make sure they are moving things purposefully, and it prevents anything from being picked up by accident. It provides precision as well, and allows people to put items in exactly the right place. It cleverly simulates physical abilities, so people feel extremely comfortable with it.

Even Mobile has Kept Drag and Drop

Traditionally, the drag and drop mechanism has been with a mouse on a computer. But since the invention of smartphones and tablets, the tool has been altered slightly so that users can perform the same action with a finger. This has come in handy when moving apps around on the mobile screen.

Hands-on Use in Website Design

Graphic Design

While the drag and drop function is useful for almost everything on a computer, it is particularly favoured by graphic designers. Even though designers do all their building work in a digital arena, they still enjoy having the hands-on feel of creation when they are moving things from one place to another. When building a website, for instance, it can be particularly rewarding to feel as if you are physically moving things from place to place.

Website Building

A lot of the time, there is the option to copy and paste things to move them from point A to point B. But drag and drop comes in handy when users need to get a sense of how something is going to look before they place it. Anyone thinking of making a website will find that a drag and drop website builder is one of the simplest methods of creating a site. All the coding is done behind the scenes by the company, and users can simply manipulate the parts of the site that they want to modify using intuitive drag and drop tools. This can be done by beginners and experts alike, and is a highly accessible method of web design.

Even though technology and computers have moved on leaps and bounds since they were first invented, it appears that drag and drop is here to stay. There’s no denying that this is one of the handiest features on computers.