Why is Steam The Most Popular Gaming Store – Creative Solutions To Gifts Explains

Valve first launched Steam in 2003. At the time, it was a revolutionary gaming service designed to help gamers from all over the world purchase new games in a matter of minutes. The platform was started as a small service that has grown to become the biggest online store for gamers ever.

Steam is responsible for much more than just selling video games. It introduced many features that changed the world of gaming forever. Here are a few unique features players get from joining the Steam Store, by Creative Solutions To Gifts.

1. The Steam Workshop

Millions of gamers out there spend a lot of time playing their favorite video games. They learn the game by heart, and after a while, they need something extra to still have fun playing the same game. That’s where the Steam Workshop jumps into action.

It’s a simple feature that allows players to upload, download, and install thousands of different mods for many popular games. You only have to click once to install the mod on your device, and you can enjoy the mod the next time you run the game. Only Steam offers this type of service, so if you like experimenting with different game modes, like the guys at Creative Solutions To Gifts, it will keep you entertained for a long time.

2. Third-Party Sellers

Steam expanded its offer of video games over the years. The platform was started to help distribute Valve games such as Counter-Strike 1.6 and Half-Life, but it included many other titles made by other companies over the years.

Today, Steam is the only platform that allows you to buy game keys directly from third-party sellers. Instead of directly purchasing a game, you get a key code you can then redeem in the Steam Store. You can also get discounts and take your time to find the best offers in other stores. Then just redeem the games you bought on Steam, and you get to keep them forever.

3. Amazing Sales and Discounts

The Steam store is both comfortable and convenient. You also get some really sweet deals and impressive discounts most of the time.

All you have to do is visit the store from time to time, and you will indeed find the games you want to play at a much lower price than usual. That is especially true during the holiday season when you can find the latest AAA titles for a really low price. Steam also surprises its customers with a few free games every year. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020. Get a Steam gift card from Creative Solutions To Gifts.

4. The Steam Community

Steam added a few game-changing features over the years, but the Steam Community is by far the biggest change ever introduced. It’s the tipping point for Steam because it changed it from a simple online store to a vibrant community where millions of players come to find friends, exchange thoughts, and play their favorite video games together.

Can you imagine a gaming platform without a community these days? Well, Steam is responsible for that.

5. Access to an Endless List of Games

No matter what genre of games you prefer, you can find dozens of them in the Steam Store. That includes 2D games, MMORPGs, JRPGs, simulations, racing games, mini-games, you name it – they have it.

Steam realized what gamers needed in time, and their online store can be compared to Amazon, but for games. The guys at Creative Solutions To Gifts found a few of their favorite video games by using the Discovery Queue, a native feature of the platform which provides you with a list of games according to the ones you already own.

6. Game Sharing

The times when you could buy a game and share it with your friends are long gone. Today, you can play most games only if you paid for them, and if one of your friends wants to join you, they have to buy their own copy.

However, Steam allows users to share the games they bought with other people living under the same roof by using the Family Share option. That way, only one family member has to buy a game, and all others can enjoy it for free.

The Bottom line

Steam’s success didn’t come overnight. The platform evolved slowly through the years, and it introduced some features that are used by most other online gaming stores today. It’s a platform designed by gamers for gamers, and that’s why everyone at Creative Solutions To Gifts, as well as millions of other people, trust Steam to this day. If you’re interested in checking out Steam for yourself, you should get a gift card from Creative Solutions To Gifts. They also offer a wide variety of other gift cards, such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, XBOX and different gaming platforms.