Why Live Betting is so Popular

Live betting is the process of staking on an event after it has begun. For example, the instant a football match has kicked off, the live markets will open and the customer can assess their options.

Also known as in-play betting, it can be applied to the vast majority of sports and it’s proved to be a big hit. But what markets are available and how does the practice differ from pre-match betting?

Where to Play

All sportsbooks have a live online betting odds platform on their website. Some will list a separate tab at the top of their homepage while others will simply mix the in-play options in with their regular markets.

Virtually every sport has the option for a live bet. Football is the most popular option among any sportsbook’s customer base and the majority of live markets are attached to the big games. Horse racing has traditionally enjoyed a big following too and live bets can apply here, but they are more restricted.

In general, sports that take place over an extended period of time are more suited to in-play betting. Tennis, golf, cricket and rugby are other popular options among the betting community.

Typical Examples

What type of bets can be placed in the live markets? In general, any option that is listed pre-match can be carried over to the in-play platforms. In all sports, there should be a live bet available for the overall winner.

Using football as the main example once again, there are a host of potential side bets in the live sections. Typical options will include Both Teams to Score, Correct Score, Anytime Goalscorer and Total Goals.

Live betting can also provide additional markets that won’t have been available ahead of the game. In football, there is an extra bet available for the scorer of the next goal. In cricket, when the match is in-play and there is a pair of batters at the crease, there will be a bet available for the next player to be dismissed.

In summary, until a bet has been decided, it will be listed in the live section of the sportsbook. Most pre-match markets will be carried over and there will be one or two extras.

Why the Interest?

Live betting is fast-paced and the odds can change in an instant. Those odds can also provide better value at times than in the pre-event betting.

Let’s say that a football team goes 1-0 down in the opening minutes of a game. Their price to win the match will increase as soon as that goal is conceded. The bettor assesses the situation and, after doing some research, is aware that the team has a good record of winning games from losing positions.

Of course, there is no guarantee that a profit will land, but this is a perfect example of where longer odds can be found in live markets. Similar scenarios can play out in others sports: In horse racing or Formula One, a slow starter will see their odds lengthen, but they can still come through to win.

The Analytical Brain

In-play betting can also test the bettor’s skills as a sports analyst. If they are watching the game in question, they can assess the pattern of play, before deciding how things will finish.

Could a tactical substitution swing things in one team’s favor? Is one of the two sides visibly starting to tire? The ability to think quickly and make a decision is important here, but it’s also vital to be able to act at speed.

Essential Equipment

The practice of live betting needs a slightly different approach to pre-match wagering. When a game is underway, we can’t always be in front of our laptop or static PC as it plays out.

Most live wagers are placed on the go, so we need to be comfortable with mobile betting. A hand held device offers flexibility and it is essential when we want to act on those decisions.

It’s all about speed: Odds can change in an instant, so we want to get the best possible price, and a mobile device is the best partner. It’s also advisable to download an app from your favorite sportsbook.

While all betting operators will have a dedicated mobile website, it may take too long to call this up in your browser. An app is much quicker and will provide speedier access to the live markets.

To back up this mobile package, it helps to have a fast connection and to keep downloading the latest software updates. By being equipped and prepared, bettors can take advantage of the higher odds.

Each version of betting will have its place, but live markets have made a big impression since they were released. It’s a fascinating side of the industry and this guide should provide all the information needed for anyone looking to get involved.