Why now is the time to launch your own personal website

Have you ever thought about having your own personal website? Not one for your business or a Facebook or Twitter profile used to share your views with the world, but an actual professional website?

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Sean Parker of Spotify started out with a simple, personal website. It allows you to showcase your talents, earn a reputation and build a following that can stand you in good stead for both your professional and private life.

Here are five reasons why now is the time to launch your own personal website.

Building a website has never been easier

Building a website has never been easier. All you have to do is pick a domain, find a company to host it using Hostingkingdom.Com and you are away. There are a number of companies out there who now specialize in fully customizable layouts while if you want to go down the blog route, services such as WordPress which is used by 75 million people worldwide are easy to install, build and update.

It can turn you into an expert

By having a website on which you can regularly share your views with the world, you can gain yourself a reputation as an expert on anything ranging from Marvel Comics to Wall Street. You don’t even need academic qualifications – just a solid stream of opinionated pieces that people want to read. If your website really takes off, then before long you could find yourself as a genuine influencer in your chosen field. Take Leo Babatua for example. He began blogging on his personal website about productivity tips in 2007 and now he is considered one of the top self-help experts on the planet.

It can increase your job prospects

Having your own personal website could lead to you getting headhunted for your dream job. Say for example that accounting and baseball are your two passions and your personal website deals in detailed analysis of MLB baseball teams finances. If a company or franchise wanted to appoint an MLB-related financial expert, your website could push you straight to the top of their candidate list, without you even knowing such a job existed.

It can showcase your talents

If you are a talented artist or baker, a personal website is a great way to showcase your talents to the wider world. Sure, you might already upload your creations to a personal Facebook or Instagram account, but a real way to get noticed is with your own website which Google and Bing can help bring to attention of the masses.

It can make your more knowledgeable

By researching pieces to write for your website, you could find yourself discovering information you never knew existed. Take for example the travel writer who is putting together a piece for their website on a visit to Munich and who wants to write about the cities long love of beer. That might lead them to gain knowledge on the German Beer Purity Law and the history of Germany itself. Having a personal website can therefore make us cleverer.

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