Why Thorough App Testing is Essential for a Successful Mobile App Release

Developing a successful mobile app is becoming more complicated and difficult every day.

The coding chops required are greater and the market itself is heavily saturated with new products. If you don’t release a perfectly functional and beautifully designed app from day one your chances of success are slim.


One of the best ways to ensure your app will hit the ground running is thorough testing. We put together a list of some of the biggest reasons you should invest in top quality application testing.

Integrate User Experience and Development

Once you’ve designed the functionality of your app it’s up to your developers to create it. Even the best-laid plans can go awry if there isn’t consistent testing and accountability.

When you came up with the idea for your service you had a certain type of performance and look in mind. Your developers take that idea and make a functioning app from it. By integrating application testing into the process you ensure user interface concerns are addressed early and effectively.

Establish Performance Benchmarks

Most developers have an idea about what they want their app to do but don’t know how well it works until testing is completed. By thoroughly testing your application you can figure out where you’re at and identify new areas for improvement.

If your app is supposed to process payments in a set amount of time you need to know how fast it’s actually going. Once you have a figure you know where you can improve.

Optimize Your App for Multiple Devices

Mobile application testing is a great way to move from a single platform to multiple devices. It allows you to identify trouble areas early and correct them before you begin converting your code for new platforms.

A leaner, the more efficiently functional app will always be easier to scale. If your app technically functions but runs on kludgy code this whole process will be much more painful.

Simplicity and Minimalism are Essential

If your app works but works poorly it can almost be worse than having a nonfunctional application. Modern consumers are used to dazzling interfaces with understated styling and excellent functionality.

An app that does what it’s supposed to won’t be a success if it doesn’t look good while doing it. Mobile application testing allows you to confirm that the core feature set of your app works and improve on the user experience (UX). It’s difficult to overstate how important this is.

In the past consumers expected little growing pain for new programs. Now though, they’re unwilling put up with anything.

Consumers are Unforgiving

It’s a hard truth but modern consumers won’t stand for apps that don’t function perfectly. Attention spans are now shorter than that of a goldfish, any problems will cause your app to be dropped.

Just because you provide a useful service doesn’t guarantee success. There are tons of apps languishing in failure that were useful and fully functional. What they didn’t have was that little something extra.

Your app needs to be beautifully rendered, navigate smoothly, and avoid any mishaps or crashes. That’s the bare minimum for a successful app these days. Companies like Google or Facebook can get away with a few failures because of their reputation.

As a new company, you have exactly one chance before consumers abandon you. Don’t put an app that’s 90% perfect on the market and lose your chance.

Identify Monetization Opportunities and Issues

As much as 90% of all apps are free to download and use. The developers of those apps are still getting paid, and hopefully, the owner is making a profit. That works through effective and unobtrusive monetization.

When you’re testing your application you need to have your monetization systems active. This lets you see how well the third party ad provider’s software meshes with your own. It also makes it easy to judge how obtrusive to normal use ads and other monetization systems are.

It’s important to make money off your app, but if you turn off the majority of your user base to do it you’ll end up in the red no matter what.

Always Strive for Excellence

In the application world, good enough just won’t cut it anymore. Consumers are becoming more demanding and the number of app solutions is ballooning in size. Make sure any mobile app you create has been thoroughly tested for bugs and functionality before you release it into the wild.

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