Why You Should Pay Attention to Reviews About Your App

Did you know that 79% of users check reviews before downloading an app? That doesn’t surprise you? Well, how about 53% of users checking reviews before even updating an app, or 55% checking reviews before committing to an in-app transaction?

Reviews are an excellent resource to users, but that means that companies making a new app need to be on top of them in order to attract users. But that’s just one reason you would want to look after your app reviews. Take a look at our suggestions for good reviews are critical to the success of your app.

Brand recognition

Good reviews are a big part of the SEO process. Google, Google Play, the Apple App Store and more rely on good reviews to give users the best option for their search. For example, in the App Store, apps with good reviews often get featured on the suggested pages even before the user searches for what they’re looking for. And when they do input “fitness” for example, the apps with the best reviews are brought to the top of that list. Meanwhile, on Google, any business site (perhaps to promote or allow users to download an app) will be boosted by good reviews.

Google wants to offer users the result that’s best for them, so prioritizes good results. Bad reviews are likely to destroy your SEO and send your app back down the search rankings into the second page of Google results where websites are never seen. If you want to ensure that your app reviews stay promising, you can consider buying app reviews to keep your brand polished.


Reviews are a great way to figure out what is and isn’t working in your app. You want to pay attention to reviews because they’re a place where a user can express their opinion on your app. They’re going to do it anyway, because they will have an opinion, especially if they come across a problem. You can use reviews to flag up problems in your app that can then be sorted and implemented in the next app upgrade. Soon all those bad reviews will melt away, and like going through a public beta testing stage your app will be improved.

Brand reputation

Users have long memories. As much as users’ attention spans are apparently shrinking, don’t take that for granted. If they find something wrong with your app they will remember to keep away from you. We’ve all been guilty of not remembering why, but that you don’t like this thing. If your app has lots of bad reviews, that might be the thing that tells them to steer clear for years. You can improve the app all you want, but you won’t convince that initial reviewer that your app is worth their time now. There are simply too many dodgy sites, apps, and brands on the internet to take the chance. Without substantially good reviews, your brand will be remembered in a negative light, which is hard to shake off even with time and active improvement.