Why You Should Use an Online Video Editor?

In recent years, when various Internet platforms began to develop rapidly, many users have become fascinated with modern social networks, in which you need to upload short video clips. This activity requires the installation, configuration, and use of the Online video editor, and our company is happy to offer site visitors this program with a huge number of different useful functions for adjusting videos, removing unnecessary fragments, or gluing episodes needed for the plot.

What features does the Online video editor have?

Our Online video editor allows each user to perform the following operations on his video files before downloading or saving them:

Uploading a file to an editor program directly on the network, without the need to install an application.

  • Cut the video into short or long fragments.
  • Frame split file.
  • Combining multiple frames into a single video sequence.
  • Change the resolution or file size.
  • Adjust the playback speed and video frame.

Not all the features of this online program are listed above, and when you open this application, every user, even a beginner who has no experience in video editing, can easily figure out its functionality in just a few hours.

Main advantages of Online video editor

Our Online video editor is in great demand among professionals and rotten Internet users interested in editing their files, as this program has many undeniable advantages:

  • The simplest file upload for editing, which takes no more than 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Ability to download files from a computer, external media, and from mobile phone.
  • Recognition by the program of all known video formats, including those with rare extensions.
  • The ability to upload a file of any size, only affects the processing time, depending on the quality of the Internet connection.
  • The convenience of adjusting the timeline for quickly cutting fragments or frames of video files of absolutely any length for their further deletion, editing, stitching, or other operations.
  • A large number of functions for editing images, frames, or video files. Each user can change the format, and size, rotate images 90 or 180 degrees, crop different parts of images, frame frames in different frames, mirror images, and adjust color solutions or download and integrate visual effects.
  • One of the few video editing apps that can accurately fit the image to the screen, without minimal loss of quality or cropping off part of the picture.
  • Separate options for additional editing of images and video sequences, including changing the background color.
  • The ability to save the edited file to any media, without loss of quality, with any extension offered by the software.
  • The ability to quickly send the finished video series to any recipient via email, Bluetooth, or through various instant messengers.
  • The program supports the automatic formatting of video files and converting them to the configurations and settings necessary for uploading on the most popular media platforms.
  • The ability to create acceptable content for popular applications, without the risk of their being sent for revision or refusal by the website administration.
  • In the absence of complex functions, all toolbars are written in the most understandable language and have many tips, and graphic icons, which is especially important for beginners.

Thus, this software can meet the demand of almost every user, from a beginner or an amateur to a professional of the highest level.

Reasons why users should choose our Online video editor

When contacting our company, many customers and users of the platform often ask why we should choose you. In such cases, we always cite the following important theses as an example:

  • A completely free program that has all the same features as our competitors, often requiring users to purchase a paid subscription even in the standard version.
  • For professionals, there is the possibility of obtaining a cheap paid subscription, which significantly expands the possibilities when editing video files.
  • There is no need to allocate free space on the PC hard drive, as well as install the offer in the device’s memory.
  • The minimum system requirements for hardware, are because the program works in online mode, and for its successful operation, users must have only a high-quality Internet connection and a browser installed on their computer.
  • The developers of this online application are programmers with vast experience in creating similar software, as well as working in design and video editing. In this regard, the application has the simplest user interface and does not require special qualifications and knowledge to work with it.
  • Improved efficiency of all tools on the main panel for editing video files of any quality, size, or extension. Each user, regardless of the expected result and the tasks assigned to him, receives exactly the information media product that he expects.
  • Unlike many competing applications, this editor does not require new user registration, registration, account creation, or password generation – access to the website is absolutely free and open to everyone.
  • A completely legal platform that does not distort files and allows them to be used for commercial activities, which is especially important for professional video editors.
  • Our servers are never overloaded, as their work is debugged to perfection. This means that the user does not need to wait a long time when uploading files, converting them to other formats, saving them, or sending them to interested recipients.
  • Automatic processing of the timeline is already during the editing of any video file by the user after uploading it to the working platform.
  • The ability to edit even the largest and heaviest video files, without distorting their quality and forced cropping.

Our programmers periodically update the online video editor software, releasing new releases every month. This allows us to keep up with the times, improve work algorithms, add new tools for users, and also correct errors previously made during the development of the platform. If necessary, we also have the function of online support for our users, who can always write to us through the feedback window, and we will answer all your questions and conduct a free consultation. We guarantee all users of our software the expected result in the shortest possible time, as well as the highest quality of processed video files.