Will earth 2 have forex like in the real world

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What is earth 2?

Earth 2 is potentially a digital reflection of the real world, which could be a very good investment where you could buy real-estate like Trafalgar Square digitally (you will only own it in Earth 2, not in real life). It is said to be an extremely good investment. Some have already gained 3000% and more profit in just a few months. But of course, there are risks, and the future is unknown… Earth2 is Google Earth, made into a grid of 10m x 10m tiles. Each tile can be bought (with a few exceptions). The main idea is that Earth 2 is a complete virtual copy of Earth 1, with all geographic features.

That’s it. Some squares on a map. That’s what you are buying right now. It’s digital real estate. And it can be affected by market fluctuations, value-adding, regional infrastructure, location, view, neighbors, most of the same stuff as non-virtual real estate, but also more. Earth 2 is also going viral right now, which is why large multiples on these real-estate prices on popular locations are investing.

It’s still in its early stages, but most of the popular sites have already been completely bought up and have seen 600% price increases, like:

Trafalgar Square,
Golden Gate Bridge,
The Eiffel Tower,
The Colosseum,
Leaning Tower of Pisa,
Times Square,
Tower Bridge,
Empire State Building,
Freedom Tower,
Brandenburger Gate
Pyramids of Giza,
Machu Picchu,
Sydney Opera House: Sydney,
Taj Mahal,
Wailing Wall,

The Great Wall of China.

Is it like Bitcoin?

bitcoin coin 2021

It is not Bitcoin. It is not cryptocurrency.  It has grown rapidly like Bitcoin, and it’s hard to understand Earth 2 like Bitcoin was hard to understand at first, but that’s the end of the similarities. Besides the real winners with Bitcoin were the ones who got in early when everyone else was saying “that’s a ridiculous idea and were waiting to see what happens.

How to be a part of Earth 2

1. Sign up

Sign up by going to earth2.io and creating  a free account.


  • Click “buy land” which will transport you to the map view
  • Navigate the world for desired tiles. If someone has bought a land you wish to buy, you can make an offer or just buy a different land
  • As for now, there is no land scarcity
  • There is also a marketplace where you can view lands other users have offered for sale.
  • We recommend you to buy land in places where prices per tile haven’t spiked yet so you could get the most value for your dollars.
  • For purchases, you can buy a maximum of 750 tiles and a minimum of 1 tile. 750 is simply a limit per purchase but you can purchase as many tiles as you want.


Add credit via Paypal. We understand that some might experience problems purchasing credits via Paypal but unfortunately, this is the only way of payment for now since they would like to comply with the financial rules in different countries. The team is working hard on making more payment options possible so be patient.


After buying your first land you just need to sit back and watch the process of your land go all the way up! Since Earth 2 is still in phase 1, all you can do is buy and sell land. In newer phases, the whole land will be cleared and you will be able to start building properties, advertising, mining resources, etc. You can view the leaderboards for rankings based on net-worth, country, the number of properties, etc.

Earth 2 is hardly a few months old but according to the developers, they have already undergone over 12 months of growth within 2 weeks! This can be the next big thing or the next big miss. Although to answer this question we would have to wait a while to learn more about what is gonna happen in the future.

The project phases

This project has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – Claim Land. This phase involves the ability to claim, buy, bid, trade, analyze land trade prices, and more.
  • Phase 2 – Resources. Resources will be published in the first half of 2021 as early as possible.
  • Phase 3 – Terrain. In Phase 3, users will be provided with the first passage to Earth 2 terrain system!

Lastly as for forex It still hasn’t confirmed if Earth2 will have it or not.