Windows 9 Threshold Will Have Customizable Start Menu

It looks like Microsoft will finally be listening to its users and plans to make Windows 9 (codename Threshold) more desktop friendly. Microsoft is going to step away from trying to force touch on users and will design features specifically for the mouse and keyboard.


If you recall Microsoft has already tweaked Windows 8.1 based on hardware profiles so that if you are using a desktop PC it will boot straight into the desktop, which touch-based devices will boot right into the start screen. With Windows 9 these hardware profiles will be more defined as there will be different SKUs for desktop / laptop versions and others for tablets and mobile.

The desktop version of the OS will sport a mini Start Menu that will be user customizable. It is also rumored that you will be able to completely disable the Metro start screen and have all of those live tiles run on the desktop.

The phone and tablet versions of the OS are said to completely ditch the desktop environment altogether, although you will be able to run apps side by side. This version of Windows 9 will support ARM and Intel Atom based tablets and mobile devices. Microsoft is looking to put WIndows 8.x on the back burner once it has finished major updates as it has not been as successful as they hoped it would be.

Source: ZDNet | News Archive

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