Working with the Salesforce is rewarding and efficient

Working with the Salesforce is rewarding and efficient, but the maximum effectiveness can be achieved only through the proper and timely managing of data. It is essential to maintain all the information stored in your databank clean and structured. This way, no unnecessary or duplicated data will disturb your work.

Are there any Business Advantages of Cleaning the Information?

Experts say that approximately 22% of the whole company’s information is comprised of useless and multiplied data and files. The professionals working in the marketing and sales sector insist that the amount of outdated information reaches almost thirty percent. The abundance of unnecessary files is damaging for businesses and interactions with the customers. Each level of the client’s lifecycle can be affected by it. With Salesforce Duplicate Management, you will undoubtedly reduce the amount of handwork aimed at cleaning the database and relocating the necessary files.

Salesforce Duplicate Management Is a New Solution for De-Duplicating Data

The developing team has created Salesforce Duplicate Management to solve one of the most pressing issues related to Salesforce. This service provides the opportunity to unite identical documents.

  • The documents and files in Salesforce can be united one at a time or several in a group. When you start searching for a specific file, all the duplicated ones are discovered, and they can be put together;
  • At the moment, there are only a few sections such as Contacts and some others available for de-duplicating. More sections will be available in the future when the development is finished;
  • You can search for the duplicated records in the Salesforce Duplicate Management app via inserting a specific code. There, you can identify all the required documents by the first name, last name, or other characteristics.

The Positive Impact of Utilizing the Salesforce Duplicate Management

Since the Salesforce Duplicate Management was released, it became so much easier to deal with the duplicated files and unwanted data crowding the database. With this application, you will be able to maintain clean and systematic data. Many people fail to check the system for already existing files and start making the new ones, which might be identical. The Salesforce Duplicate Management solves this issue. Letting the copied files pile up for weeks makes it difficult and very time-consuming to declutter everything, which is why the program is highly efficient.

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