World’s Fastest Embedded Memory Released by Samsung

The development of mobile memory chips is becoming faster day by day. It’s not been eight months since those speedy eMMC 4.5 chips were introduced and now Samsung’s next version of NAND is already here. Indeed, the South Korean company says it’s now in mass production of what it believes as the world’s fastest embedded memory.


The new eMMC PRO chip is basically based on 64GB 10nm class NAND flash technology and shall be the first to be compatible with the eMMC 5.0 standard. The chips will be made available in the usual variants i.e. 16, 32 and 64GB and will offer an interface speed of 400MB/s. The 32 and 64GB density specifically possess random read and write speeds of 7,000 IOPS (inputs/outputs per second) and sequential read and write speeds of 250MB/s and 90MB/s respectively.

The super-sonic-fast eMMC PRO memory provides remarkably fast application booting and loading. These chips will allow users to experience much faster multi-tasking, web-browsing, application downloading and file transfers, as well as high-definition video capture and playback, and are considered to be highly receptive when running  large-file gaming and productivity applications.

The new Samsung chips support the eMMC version 5.0 standard now approaching completions at JEDEC – supposedly the largest standards-setting body in the microelectronics industry.

The shipment of MMC 5.0 devices en started has already to interested makers of consumer electronics and other mobile/embedded devices.

Source: Samsung | News Archive