XFX Teases Custom RX Vega Graphics Card

We’ve known XFX for some pretty crazy GPU designs over the years, well it looks like we might have another one. The company is teasing a custom Radeon RX Vega card on its social media pages.

xfx 1

The card appears to have a black and red design with a large black cooler shroud on it. The shroud seems to have some type of carbon fiber design on it with an XFX logo on the side that lights up. The card is cooled by two large fans and the gap between these fans makes an “X” which looks pretty cool. And in a very interesting design move the two PCI-Express power connectors and right in the middle of the card. The fans sit in a large aluminum fin stack where multiple heatpipes are visible.

xfx 2

At the back of the card there is a full backplate with the XFX and Radeon RX Vega logos. No word yet on if this is a Vega 64 or Vega 56 card, but XFX could use this design for both cards.

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