Your Tablet: A Media and Gaming Hub on the Go

Taking your hobbies on the go has never been easier than it is now. Thanks to ubiquitous Wi-Fi hotspots, ever-increasing network coverage, and the rising trend of charging stations for devices, the whole world is connected like never before. For a gamer or music lover, this is fantastic news. Thanks to small, hand-held devices like the NOOK tablet, you don’t have to leave your media behind when you’re traveling or just out and about town. With the easy portability of a small tablet, you can be connected to the things that spark your passion no matter where you go.

A Gaming Companion
Your tablet can be your best gaming companion. Not only do they have a wide array of games you can download directly to your tablet, but devices like the NOOK can be wirelessly connected to your gaming console to use as a secondary controller or even an additional screen. Studies suggest that gaming can play an important role in improving the brain’s ability to multitask, and even help reverse multitasking capability losses in adults. The improvements after game play last for months after training and carry over to other parts of life. Who doesn’t want to be better at multitasking and slow the mental declines of aging? Taking advantage of your brain’s plasticity and helping improve your cognitive function while having a good time is all the more reason to play more games.

Stream Your Favorite Shows
Thanks to the portability of tablet devices and apps to help you stream them, there’s no longer a risk of missing your favorite TV show when you’ve got to be out of the house. Whether you travel for work or you’re just out of town for the weekend, avoiding spoilers for the latest episode can be tough. With your tablet, you can still watch your show and not worry about accidentally overhearing what happened. With a tablet that’s relatively small, fitting it into a pocket makes it even more accessible whether you’re on a plane or in a hotel room or just lounging on the beach. Your shows are available wherever you are, all on a screen that’s bigger than your average smart phone.

Stay Connected to Social Media
Staying connected when you’re out of the office or away from home is easier than ever thanks to small, hand-held tablets. With all of your social media apps available, it’s a simple matter to be in touch with your friends and family, as well as your business network, no matter where you are. And social media is ever more important in our daily lives, with 72% of US adults on some type of social media as of 2013. Online is increasingly how we connect with people, and having a device that’s portable and flexible is important to maintaining those connections as you travel, whether for work or for play. Social media also allows you to have a much faster turn around with business, so that even if you are on vacation, you can still easily answer a question or make a connection without waiting until you get back to the office.

Have Your Own Jukebox
Music is good for you. From easing pain and reducing stress, to increasing performance during workouts, music is beneficial to everyone. Patients suffering from strokes and recovering from surgery have shown reduced stress when listening to music, and it helps people to relax before medical procedures. Music can even reduce stress to make driving better, and ease road rage. Having music readily available on your tablet is a great way to take advantage of all of the health benefits of listening to your favorite tunes. A tablet is also a great way to share a playlist with your friends. You can set it up as a jukebox at a party so that people can choose what plays next, or have a set ready to go before you serve dinner. Thanks to the app options and the portability of a small tablet like the NOOK, music is always available, any time and anywhere.

Your Device is Your Media Center
Whether you’re a gamer or an avid TV and movie watcher, your tablet can be your best friend when it comes to portable media. Entertainment and cognitive boosts can go hand in hand no matter where you might find yourself. Thanks to social media, you can stay connected anywhere you travel. Your music collection doesn’t have to stay relegated to the computer or pile of CDs, and by having an integrated streaming option on your tablet, you don’t need a dedicated music device. Because of this, your tablet really can be the hub for all of your media, a one-stop-shop that will keep you connected and entertained on the go.

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