ZADAK Announces a New Flagship Compact Water Cooled PC with the MOAB II ELITE

ZADAK, a leading provider of PC enthusiast components, introduces the MOAB II ELITE, the next gen. compact water cooled PC case into their growing line of products. The MOAB II ELITE is a compact case (311 mm x 193 mm x 371 mm), built around the patented CNC-milled aluminium water distribution plate. The distribution plate is meticulously designed and manufactured with built-in water channels to reduce unnecessary tubing for clean builds. The MOAB II ELITE is now compatible with graphics card of up to 280 mm in length and most m-ATX motherboards. Other notable features include the world’s first capacitive touch switch for powering on/off, a digital display providing real-time water temperature measurements, and customizable ARGB accent lighting.

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The MOAB II ELITE also features the patented CNC-milled aluminium water distribution plate, that eliminates unnecessary tubing. The unit itself is hidden in the center of the case. While this creates a compact build, it also reduces the risk of leaking and cracking. In addition, the case includes a 240 mm radiator connected to the water distribution plate, which is strategically placed on the backside.

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Smart Detection and Monitoring
For monitoring even the most power-hungry systems, the MOAB II ELITE is equipped with a digital display for real-time water temperature measurements. Users will have an accurate display of their PC water cooling temperature levels to avoid overheating. Also included is the water level indicator, which is found on the side of the case. This additional feature displays the water cooling levels so users will know when they need to make necessary adjustments.

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Compact and Compatible
While maintaining its compact size, the MOAB II ELITE has updated the connecting outlet to the CPU block, allowing it to adjust horizontally and vertically making it compatible with most m-ATX motherboards. In addition, The MOAB II ELITE is now compatible with any graphics cards of up to 280mm in length, and easily slotted on the side of the case.

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Touch and Slide to Power On
The MOAB II ELITE features the world’s only capacitive touch power switch. This one-of-a-kind intelligent design operates the on/off function when users slide their finger across the capacitive strip, a demonstration of ZADAK’s PC innovation.

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