10 Examples of Simulators Popular With Students

Educating through play is the most liked by students all over the world. In particular, simulators of different types are a great and efficient instrument of modern learning process. They provide realistic material supply and are more attractive for a student than just traditional lectures or textbooks.

It’s very hard to list and describe all existing learning stimulators because of the great variety of academic disciplines and issues, research fields and the ways of supplying the material. Just imagine that, for example, the Learning Disability Simulator allows for a student to perceive the task through the eyes of a person who has learning disability. Such simulator as the Text Revision Tool gives a user the possibility to realize how a replacement just a single word in the text influences understanding the current information. One more simulator, the Visual Phonics Tool is aimed at learning the correspondence between some phonetic sounds and the special gestures. And many more.

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So it seems like today students can find any stimulator helping them to get known with one or the other topic. But not only a simulator can be a rescuer in the sea of college tasks. When students have a lot of assignments to do, lack time or skills for doing all of that stuff, they can ask for online help. An essays database can help them find some ideas and inspiration for the papers and therefore teach them many useful things that perhaps will come in handy in the future.

But for deep material studying students still prefer simulators. And it’s needless to say that the world of simulator games is wonderful and weird.  An astonishing variety of games is available, and that’s why it’s a bit hard to make a list of interesting game simulators. Nevertheless, in this post, we are going to discuss some of the best simulators available online. If you are a video game simulator enthusiast, hopefully, you will enjoy the information given below.

1. Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution is a simulator video game for those who enjoy the business side of building attractions and parks. Developed by frontier developments, this video game has become wildly popular in recent years. The company has produced other classics such as Zoo Tycoon franchises and RollerCoaster Tycoon.

As a player, you will have to build your own Jurassic Park. Your role will be to design the park and maintain the business aspect of the park. The vividness of the park is simply astonishing.

2. Farming Simulator 17

In the gaming market, Farming Simulator is quite popular. Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon are also categorized as this type of simulator games. The game is focused on what it is like to be a modern farmer.

There are vast swaths of farmlands and 250 farming vehicles in the game. To get a healthy harvest, you will have to tame the ground. Your role will also be to take care of the livestock. You will also sell your goods and expand your farm.

This game can be a joyful escape from the monotony of your studies, especially when you are looking for some essay topics in vain. The farm fields look highly realistic, and you can always get the latest instalment. It will give you a realistic experience of farm life.

3. The Sims 4

Over the decades, The Sims franchise has done a great job maintaining a following. The Sims has now released the fourth instalment, and it has already gained huge popularity. The main focus of The Sims 4 is to control some people living in a house.

Players can replicate the design of the house the way they want. It can mean rearranging the house or rearranging just the decor. But the construction element is just a part of The Sims 4. The activities of the characters can also be adjusted. It is one of the most realistic simulators around. If you need some technical support regarding the game, you can easily find online help in numerous discussion boards.

4. Job Simulator

If you’re looking for some trendy VR titles, you will certainly come across Job Simulator. To enjoy this game, you will need a good enough gaming PC. The game is about a world governed by robots, and the player is a human in that world.

A player can take up different types of jobs like a car mechanic or a standard office job or a store clerk. There are different objects and sets, and to be able to interact with them, the player has to accomplish various tasks. Feel free to try this game when you are getting bored with your monotonous life.

5. Surviving Mars

The focus of this game is to manage the colonization of the red planet. Players have to pass through some tough obstacles and face some weird challenges. This one is very similar to a city-builder game because here you have to build your colony. You have to find ways to maintain your colonization. In terms of activities, Aven Colony is the closest to this one.

6. Aven colony

Just like Surviving Mars, the focus of Aven Colony is the colonization of a planet. You have to face lots of hazards like alien plagues and freezing temperatures. You have to keep the residents happy while dealing with these hazards. It has a futuristic take. You have to build structures, feed the residents, keep them safe, and keep their morale positive.

Your responsibility will also be to provide oxygen, water, electricity and crops. You will have to control crime and provide employment. Your colony will fight against diseases and plagues. This game is a pleasant distraction, especially when you are anxious, scrolling over an essays database, and bored looking for an idea for your next academic paper.

7. Planet Coaster

If you are in love with RollerCoaster Tycoon, you will certainly love Planet Coaster as well. It focuses on management where your role is to control a theme park. The park is completely customizable with decor and rides, but running the park also involves some behind-the-scenes activities.

8. Cities: Skylines

Many players and fans consider Cities: Skylines as a successor to the games of The Sims City series. However, this game is not developed by EA Maxis. The focus here is building and maintaining a city. You have to maintain road placements, transportation, taxation, and public services.

When you are anxiously looking for some essay examples relevant to your assignment, you can play this game for a few minutes. It will calm your nerves! Players also have to resolve some other problems. The problems can be natural disasters or civilian needs. The game has received several expansion packs.

9. Frostpunk

This game comes from the same developer of This War of Mine. There are some strong similarities between these two, but there are many dissimilarities too. Here you have to attend to different needs of a city with extremely cold temperatures. To solve these problems you have to strategize many issues. Building up the city is your goal, and for this, you have to seek out resources. The animation is simply mind-blowing.

10. Cooking Simulator

If you have an interest in the profession of a chef, you are going to fall in love with this Cheese Studio. The kitchen is realistic, and in this kitchen, you can simmer, dice, blend and become a great chef. You will be surprised at the depths of this cooking simulator. You measure the ingredients precisely, while the hungry dinners wait for the food.

Final thoughts

The world of simulator video games is vast and varied. If you are an enthusiast, the chances are that you have tried some of the 10 games discussed in this post. These are just some samples of life-like simulator video games. The industry is changing rapidly, and we can hope that soon we will get some more mind-blowing games.