10 Most Popular Platforms To Use Phone Lookup Services

If you are on this page, you already know about the phone lookup services. However, it is a bit challenging to find the right platform to use such services. It is because many harmful applications make it harder to track the right application that might help you do the work.

In this article, there will be 10 different applications that help you find the information related to a phone number. On top of that, we will share a guide that will help you differentiate the right applications from the other ones.

So, let’s begin the article with our most trusted platform for the job:


phone lookup

CocoFinder is the right choice for every phone tracker to find the details of a phone number. It is an online platform where you can find public information related to any phone number you want. The most important thing about this platform is its secure access to public information.

It means that users do not need to provide any personal details to use the services. Just browse the website and enjoy all the services without creating an account.

You can always trust the phone lookup services of this platform as it has an encrypted server. Also, it can track most of the phone numbers without running an in-depth search for the number.


ZabaSearch is another platform that offers the public information on the go. There is no need to register on the platform. You can find the phone lookup feature on the homepage of the website. Thus, it can turn out as the best phone lookup service for beginners.

The main feature of ZabaSearch is the social media profile browser. It will provide you the social profiles of the owner of that phone number with a single search. However, you must read the privacy policy before trying out this service.

It has millions of regular visitors, making it one of the largest databases for public information.


TruthFinder is a famous tool to find someone’s phone number information. You will see that this application has a warning when you try to use its services. It tells you that results can be surprising and you must be ready to see them. To learn how to reverse a phone-free name, you need to learn more about this website.

However, the application is quite interesting and offers all the services to the users. Thus, you won’t face any problem in using its phone lookup services. The latest update of the website made it a bit harder to find the tool.

Hence, you can scroll down the website and find the tool at the bottom of the page.

Instant Checkmate

Here is another tool to help you use the phone lookup services. Instant Checkmate is famous for providing some premium services to its users. However, the website has a subscription model that makes it harder for everyone to use.

Also, there is some website that provides all these services without any subscription fee. Thus, some users may get upset with this thing. Other than that, it is a perfect application and provides all the services that you would ever need.


We love Intelius as it provides all the services with a simple user interface. Beginners can use this platform without worrying about the new technology. Thus, you can go for this application to use phone lookup services for free.

It provides all the other services that we have covered as well. However, customers may need to create an account on the website to use the services. Thus, understand your requirements before going for this service.


As the name suggests, SpyDialer is a platform designed to help people find the information of unknown phone numbers. However, there are several other services offered by this platform. Phone lookup service is one of them.

You do not need much technical knowledge to use this service. Just enter the phone number that you want to search for, and get a report with the right information.


If the previous website failed to provide you with the required information, you can go for this website. TruePeopleSearch is one of the largest databases of public information where you can get details of any phone number. Therefore, you can choose this application to get the information online.

However, you might face some problems understanding its features. Thus, spend some time on the website and get used to its services.


Here is one of the most convenient websites to use phone lookup services. You can find all the tools on its homepage. Just click on any of them and start searching for the required information. Once you get the desired result, create the report and download it for future reference.

The website requires users to register on the platform. That way, you can save search results and keep the information handy. However, it may seem inconvenient for the users as well.


Some people may get confused by the name of this website. WhitePages is primarily available to search for the professionals around someone. However, you can use it to find the phone number details of any person.

Thus, you can trust this application to find the phone number details conveniently. Visit the website to learn more about its services.


This is the last platform on our list. However, we hope that you will find the solution before you scroll down to this one. CheckPeople is an online search engine to retrieve public information from databases.

Reverse phone lookup is one of the most popular features of this website. You can get its services by accessing the website from any web browser you want.

Final Words

Using the phone lookup services does not need to be a complicated task. You can use these services from the above credible websites. Almost all of them provide free services to the users. However, you must be aware of the privacy policy of these websites.

If you want to go with the most popular website, CocoFinder is the best choice for you. However, if you want an advanced website, ZabaSearch will do the work.