Grow on YouTube and Get More Views: How to Do That Correctly

Views on YouTube is one of the stats that matters the most. The success of your video where you eat stuff that you bought for 1$, highly depends on YouTube views. The amount of people who watched your videos has to increase progressively. But how can you grow your channel correctly? That is a question that concerns many beginners. Luckily, you have found this article and here you will discover useful tips for effective growth on YouTube! So, let’s find out how to increase the number of views you get because this is one of the primary tasks to complete.

Create An Identity

To drive attention to your channel, you have to make sure you look good. You have to make your channel appearance memorable for users, so they can easily distinguish your content from other videos. Making your channel branded visually also adds a bit of professionalism and shows your viewers that you put many efforts into the growth of your channel – and that attracts them.

  • Develop branded design for your channel
  • Add memorable details in your design and background for your shoot
  • Aim for iconic features that will be associated with your content

Increase Your Chances To Be Up Next

Up Next is a video that you see right after you watch one. There are few factors that YouTube’s algorithm will be considered for the video it will be showing up next:

  • The next video is from the same channel
  • This video is generally popular
  • The video is relevant based on the viewing history of a user
  • The video has similar metadata

We here are interested in the last one. This factor can be regulated by yourself to increase your chances to squeeze in your content along with popular influencers from your niche. Right metadata is giving you a possibility to appear in the column “Up next”, hence producing not only more views but more followers as well.

The only conclusion that you can get from here is – do decent keyword research and input the most relevant ones in your tags.

Customize The Thumbnails

To get more views on YouTube you have to attract the attention of your potential viewers right at the first sight. Meaning – your video thumbnails are to become an atomic power in this task. This picture is the first thing that a user sees when he scrolls the feed or watches through his search results. So, it has to impact them and motivate them to click on your video.

  • The picture has to describe accurately what is your video about
  • Avoid too much text – the image will look messy and hard to read and understand
  • Work on the quality and content of your thumbnail – all the details that matter have to be easily distinguished and readable. The size of a thumbnail is very small, so go for minimalism in your design.

Unite Videos Into Playlists
make playlists

Another method to gross more views without too much effort and cheaper than one dollar. By nature, people are lazy, and as videos that are combined into a playlist will be auto-played, this is your chance to increase the number of your views. Just don’t try to lie to your watchers and YouTube algorithms. To make this method work, your playlist has to contain only relevant videos, that are dedicated to one genre or topic. Otherwise, people will simply turn your videos off. Hence your watch time will drop down and YouTube algorithms will rank your videos lower.

Upload Your Videos Consistently

Releasing your content on schedule is very important to maintain your online presence. People love watching their favorite YouTubers often, and they also like when the date of the next video to consume is predictable. Very few YouTube influencers can allow themselves to upload the content without a certain plan. For a major part of YouTubers, a strict schedule is rule number one. For YouTube, it is recommended to upload videos 2-3 times in one week, but once a week will be fine too if you don’t have enough time or resources for more. Consistency of posting also depends on the genre and industry that you occupy, but uploading videos weekly is still your ultimate goal.

Provide Organic Views With High-Quality Content

The truth is that nothing attracts people better than good, interesting, and entertaining content. Therefore, to achieve success on this platform, you have to offer to your potential viewers something worthy.

  • Create educating and entertaining content. Combining fun and useful information is a clue to users’ hearts.
  • Try to think outside of the box. It is very hard to find a completely competition-free niche. So you should try to come with fresh ideas for topics that already exist.
  • Follow recent trends and use them for your good from time to time. This way you will attract more new viewers to your channel.
  • If possible, invest in good gear, to be able to compete with more popular bloggers. Nowadays viewers are having high demands, so providing a high-quality image is one of the ways to complement your audience.


Another rule for succeeding in your channel growth is to keep your audience engaged. And one of the clues to win the interest of the audience is to communicate with them. Your good manners and high spirit will attract more viewers to your videos. People come to social media, and especially to YouTube to have fun and relax. So they want to see a positive image, and maybe have a lightweight conversation and discussion with someone.

Offer your audience to discuss your video, encourage them to comment, and be ready to reply a lot and genuinely. Be open and add wit, to connect with your spectators. The relationship that you may develop with your subscribers, will be interesting for other people.


Getting more views on YouTube is important for your growth. But developing a channel on YouTube properly takes more than just that. Promoting on this platform requires a complex strategy that counts in many factors. But the main thing that will help you on your way to the top – do what you have passion for. Your sincere interest is what attracts people to your content.