10 Ways to get More Tik Tok Followers

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you will have surely heard of Tiktok, the most talked about app of 2020! The app has launched countless musicians, comedians and influencers into the stratosphere!

Tiktok works slightly differently to other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. The app curates a personalized feed of videos for you from around the world. Because of this anyone can strike it lucky on Tiktok and rack up plenty of followers. That said, if you are all about shortcuts here are 10 top tips on how to get more Tiktok followers!

1: Focus Your Attention on Generation Z

Tiktok is truly a young person’s game. At the time of writing, 41% of Tiktok’s userbase are between the ages of 16 -24! Although this may change in future as Tiktok becomes more popular, for the time being your best bet at racking up new followers is by targeting younger audiences.

A good way of relating to a younger audience is to hop onto trends. Luckily on Tiktok there is never any shortage on trends as it seems barely a week goes by without a Tiktok challenge or dance routine is taking the world by storm.

2: Use Trending Hashtags on Your Videos

On Tiktok hashtags function much the same way they do on any other social media platform. Users can search for/click on a hashtag which will bring up relevant content for them. Generally speaking, its best to use hashtags with the widest reach to get your videos out to the most users as possible. For example, hashtags like #gym #music #summer are all brilliant nonspecific hashtags which you can include on pretty much anything.

That said, it is also wise to be up to date on trending topics as hopping on trending hashtag can do wonders for your follower list. If you can find a trending hashtag that is relevant to your brand or your audience why not use it to your advantage?

3: Promote Your Tiktok on Other Social Media Platforms

Cross promoting your Tiktok on other social media platforms can be brilliant way of attracting more followers. If you have plenty of Friends or followers on Instagram don’t be afraid to cross post your Tiktok content to these platforms.

 4: Try starting your own trend/challenge

The key to this one is to come up with something that anyone can do, so that your “challenge” is accessible to everyone as anything that’s too difficult to recreate is just going to alienate your audience.

5: The More Quality Content You Post the Better

Simply put, on Tiktok content is king, for this reason it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the app’s editing features. Generally speaking, it is best to pick a niche and tailor content to it as unfortunately you can’t please everyone. Ideally you will want to be putting out content on a daily basis if you are serious about making it big on Tiktok.

You will need to experiment in order to find what content works best for your followers, don’t feel too demoralized if something you post doesn’t get any views this is all part of the process. Once you manage to find a format which engages your audience, don’t be afraid to experiment further with it to really refine what works for you and your followers.

6: Consider Investing in Better Recording Equipment

aaron burden ZgHyu j2QcY unsplash
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Investing in better equipment can be an excellent way of ensuring quality content. Even something small like a tripod for your phone/camera can make a huge difference. Remember users will always flock to people who have a reputation for releasing quality content.

7: Include Popular Songs in Your Videos.

One of the brilliant things about Tiktok is that the app has deals with many major music companies which allow you to use popular songs for free in your content. On the other hand, Tiktok is responsible for making many songs popular. A case in point would be Doja Cat’s Say So, the fifth song from her album Hot Pink which became hugely popular due to various dance challenges on Tiktok. Due to the song’s popularity on the app the song was officially released as a single and reached the top of Billboard hot 100.

8: Gain Followers from Websites

One of the best ways how to get free Tiktok followers is to use websites like Tiktokfamed.com which can provide you with 1000s of real followers for absolutely free! This is perfect for those who are just starting on Tiktok and struggling to get followers.

9: Work With Influencers/Brands.

As is with other social media platforms, partnering up with an influencer is a great way of gaining more Tiktok followers. Be selective and pick the right influencer who can really help your brand. In order to get an influencer’s or a brand’s attention be sure to regularly repost and comment on their videos and feature their products in your own content.

When leaving comments on an influencer’s or brand’s content try to actually say something insightful, not just leaving a typical “cool video bro!” This will make you stand out a bit more from the crowd and is more likely to get you noticed.

10: Interact With Your Audience

clay banks LjqARJaJotc unsplash
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Interacting with your audience is a great way to keep them engaged to ensure that they continue sharing your videos. Be sure that you are responding to their comments on your videos and leaving comments on theirs to keep them coming back for more!

The Duets function can also be a great way of introducing yourself to whole new group of followers. This function allows you to team up with other users and collaborate on posts without necessarily meeting face to face.

So, there you have it 10 tips on how to get more Tiktok followers. Give each of them a try and see which one work best for you!