How do you make a song your ringtone on the iPhone without iTunes?

Do you want to make any song a ringtone of your iPhone without using iTunes? And you are no more using iTunes to buy ringtone?

The reason is so simple. Firstly, you want to get rid of iTunes complex process, and secondly, you don’t want to pay $$$ every time you want to change your ringtone.

So, you are looking for the best tool to make an mp3 song to your iPhone ringtone, right?

Here is a solution for you!

A team of Softorino’s talented developers has developed a tool named Waltr 2 which magically converts your mp3 songs to your desired iPhone ringtones. The interesting thing is that it has crossed 500,000 plus downloads worldwide – since it has become users’ first choice today.

Imagine you are in a group of your friends – and suddenly your iPhone starts ringing with an awesome sound – and everybody turns to listen to it.

Hey! What was that? How did you make it? Your friends asked you these questions since they found the ringtone a decent one!

Want answers to these questions?

In this article, we will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to make mp3 song to iPhone ringtone using Waltr 2.

So, without any further ado, let’s get to it:

Step – 1: Download Your Desired MP3 Song And Convert into M4R

The very first step in this regard would be downloading a song of your choice in mp3 format and then converting it to M4A format.

You can easily convert MP3 to M4R audio file format. It takes a few seconds to reformat your MP3 file into M4R.

Step – 2: Download and launch WALTR 2 on your PC

Once you are done with reformatting your selected song, your next step would be downloading WALTR 2 and launching it on your Laptop or PC.

Step – 3: Connecting Your Apple Device to Your PC

Next up, you have to connect your Apple device to your PC through a USB cable. Once connected, Waltr 2 will automatically detect your iOS device and you can move onto the next step.

P.s You only have to connect your Apple device only once. After the connection is established, you can use the smart WiFi feature to use Waltr 2 functionalities.

Step – 4: Drag and drop the Song to Waltr 2

Now, all you need to do is just drag the song that you downloaded earlier and drop it to Waltr 2 windows tab.

Thanks to the automatic content recognition technology (ACR), Waltr 2 will automatically detect your content and save it in the relevant folder of your iPhone.

Step – 5: Go to App Setting And See Your Transferred File in Device “Ringtones”

Right after you dragged the file into WALTR 2 drop zone area, you would see that it hardly takes a few seconds and automatically sets up your transferred song as a ringtone in your iPhone app setting. That’s how WALTR 2 does things amazingly unlike any other tools in the present ear.

Step – 6: Set Your Transferred File As Your iPhone Ringtone

This would be the last step of the process. To set up the transferred song as your iPhone ringtone – which has already been converted into M4R file format – you need to go to the device app setting. As a next step, you need to tap “Sounds” and finally “Ringtones”.

You will find your transferred songs on the top of the ringtones list. And from here you can set it up as the ringtone of your apple device.

Final Thoughts
In this article, you learned about how to make your mp3 song to your iPhone ringtone in just 5 steps. Many of us, including me, are bored with using default ringtones…and want to try something new.

If you want to get of default ringtones – and want some appealing sound – then try WALTR 2. It takes hardly a few seconds to transfer your data into your desired ringtones. It’s safe to say that WALTR 2 has now become a real alternative to iTunes with 24/7 consistent support.

Download and launch it on your PC today and transfer as many files as you want for free for the next 24 hours and pay only if you are satisfied with the performance and features of Waltr 2.