Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Document Management System

Documents and the data in them are the bread and butter of every business. Every business needs to organize and store its documents. Due to the technology advancements in various fields, more and more businesses are now adopting new ways of doing things. To help save the environment, many organizations are now becoming paperless.

People store traditional (physical) documents in a file for easy retrieval and safety. The migration to a paperless environment has made many businesses to start looking for ways they can store and organize their electronic documents. A Digital Document Management System (DDMS) is the solution. Unlike a traditional document management system, an electronic or digital document management system makes it easier for a company to organize and access its documents.

Even though a Document Management System (DMS) is a must-have for every business that is aspiring to go paperless, you need to know that not all electronic document management systems are the same. Some are better than others. When shopping for the best document management system for you, there are some factors that you should consider. Getting the right document management system for you can be nerve-wracking. There are so many options available, but they all have some little differences. It is these differences that make people sweat when trying to determine which system is the best for their business or company. We can’t help you know the features and differences, but we can give you a few tips on what you should look for when looking for the best DMS. In this post, we will be looking at some of the key factors that businesses should look for when shopping for a document management system:

1. Security

document security

Easy access to electronic documents is essential, but only authorized people should access them. When selecting a DMS, you should have a look at its security features. You should also check the security methods that the company you are planning to work with is using, especially if they will be hosting the system for you. Before committing yourself, you should ask the provider of the software about the details of the security procedures they are using and security audits. Don’t risk your documents. If you fail to get a secure DMS, your documents will be accessible to unauthorized people. When confidential information gets into the wrong hands, there are so many fraud things that you should expect. No matter the industry that you are in, the security of your documents should come first.

2. Quality

document quality

There are so many DMS available for you, but very few of them are quality. Not all of them will meet your demands. Some are not reliable and might end up frustrating you. When selecting a DMS, you should consider its developer. Some document management systems, such as LogicalDOC, have been developed by high-end developers who have your business needs in mind. These developers know what you expect from these systems, and they do all that they can to make sure that the system will meet your needs. If you have not used a product from the developer of the document management system that you are planning to purchase, you should consider checking reviews from past customers that are using the system.

3. Productivity and flexibility

Will the document management system improve your productivity? If no, it is not of any help to you. You will be paying for it, and if it does not have a good ROI, it is not worth it. The system should allow you or your employees to store documents and access them later with no difficulty. You should also check whether the system will store your files as a backup incases of a disaster. If there is no way to get back your documents after a disaster, then that system is not worth it.

4. Scalability

document scalability

Your business is growing, and it needs a DMS that will grow with it. When looking for a document management system, you should opt for the one that is offering plans for scalability. If you fail to consider scalability, you will end up having to look for a new DMS when your business grows and start requiring a robust system.

5. Capabilities and user experience

Document management systems from different providers have different capabilities. The overall objective of document management systems might remain the same, but other capabilities are also important. For example, different document management systems will come with different user interfaces. One might be easy to use and learn, while the other one might require the user to have advanced computer skills. There is no need to get a system that has so many features but very difficult for your employees to use. Training is essential, but it can be much better if you get a system that your employees will be able to use with fewer difficulties.