12 Reasons to Partner with Forum Group

The NBN and the cloud are two critical factors impacting business success and competitiveness in the ongoing digital revolution in Australia. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the new infrastructure by embracing NBN-compatible phone systems as well as deploying their enterprise applications in the cloud.

As a cloud solutions company, we offer a range of business internet options including the NBN, as well as PBX phone systems, and data integration services. So, you can count on our holistic package for a seamless transition to the cloud and the NBN, whether you need VoIP, cloud computing, data, or a phone line installation.

We offer you a private cloud to host your VoIP communication systems (voice, data or video sent over the Internet), applications and data, and phone lines here in Australia. Plus, a dedicated account manager will stay in touch to review your account regularly and address your growing business requirements.

Do you need a new phone line connection or system compatible with the NBN? Are you looking to move your core business applications, such as managed printing services and payment processing, to the cloud? Here’s how we can help transform your business:

1. We Offer Remote Accessibility

We can migrate your business applications to our private cloud servers, giving your staff remote access to enterprise software and data, 24/7.  Your employees can work from home, the office, their local coffee shop or even while travelling – a great way to enhance productivity. Read more about cloud computing.

2. Our Cloud Service Enhances Flexibility in the Workplace

Our NBN-compatible cloud service delivers workplace flexibility. Depending on your data security policies, your staff may access company systems and data via desktop computers as well as personal devices, such as smartphones – allowing your staff to work on any device at any time.

3. We Host Your IT Systems on a Private Cloud

We provide cloud infrastructure dedicated to only your organisation. With a private platform, we can cost-effectively customise features based on your technical and business requirements. This gives us the flexibility to address your data privacy, security, and compliance needs in which its public cloud counterparts cannot guarantee.

4. Access to Technical Support 24/7

Our call centres are located in Australia, which means you get access to unlimited support from local experts, 24/7. No more waiting on hold for unhelpful overseas call centre support.

5. You Pay for Only What You Need

With the flexibility to deploy your business apps on a made-to-order cloud infrastructure, you pay for only what you need. This means you won’t bear the cost of cloud-based IT resources you don’t intend to use. Forum’s cloud offering is billed on a per-seat subscription, eliminating the need for upfront costs and allowing your business to scale effectively.

6. We Offer a Holistic Cloud Solution

We deliver a holistic cloud service so you can access all your computing resources “under one roof.” We bring everything together, from printing functions, VoIP communication, and data entry to reporting, invoicing, payment processing, and order delivery. By integrating all these different systems, we help to enhance workplace collaborations

7. Easily Scale Up Cloud-Based Resources in Tandem With Growth

Our cloud service is scalable to meet your changing business requirements – you pay for the latest technology for a monthly per user fee. When you need to add users, we’ll scale the IT and business communication resources available to you accordingly.

8. We’re Swift and Efficient to Get You Started on the Cloud Right Away

The Australian government is more than halfway through the NBN rollout. We’re here to help if you wish to act swiftly and get an NBN-compatible phone line installation. If you need to move your apps and data to the cloud right away, we’ll make it happen super fast too.

9. We Offer a Low-Cost Hardware Solution

With the power of our cloud solution, you don’t need top of the line desktop computers and laptops. Instead, you can invest in more budget friendly hardware while relying on the cloud’s processing power to do the heavy lifting.

In addition to our cloud solutions, Forum also offers IT hardware procurement and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). We can tailor our cloud solution so that all of your devices talk to each other.

10. We Address Cloud Data Security and eliminate downtime

We use government-grade security to protect your apps and data in the cloud. The entire cloud infrastructure meets Australian compliance and server security laws.

We also provide redundancies for our Australia-based data centres and servers to keep your business data and software accessible 24/7. Our data recovery provisions, failsafe measures, and backups prevent the permanent loss of your customer/enterprise data.

11. Flexibility of Choice

Our cloud solutions are available in a number of tiers/options, allowing you to choose a solution that’s right for your business and in line with your budget.

12. Our Ongoing Support

A dedicated account manager will continue to work with you closely. We’ll regularly review our service to you against your changing business requirements. Forum also runs a biannual customer feedback program designed to gather meaningful insights from our customers and make our service to you the best it can be. We want to ensure that everything works out for you over the long term.

Final Thoughts

The objective of the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout is to transform Australia’s business phone and internet communication systems. As such, Forum Group can help with a seamless transition to the NBN.  Whether you need a PBX phone line installation or cloud services integration, we’re an expert you can trust.

If you’d like to learn more about how the Forum Group can help your business, simply fill in the form below and our team will be in touch with you!

Source: https://www.forumgroup.com.au/12-reasons-to-partner-with-forum