2 Technologies That Are Improving Business Practices

In the past few decades, a wide range of technologies have been incorporated into the working environment. It is surprising to many people that personal computers have been used in a business context since the 1950s. However, in the decades that followed, computers became a common part of business in all sectors and not just for a few leading tech companies.

Today, workers around the world will use a wide range of tech devices and applications to allow them to work efficiently and effectively. It seems that every year, the complexity of applications and hardware increases significantly, which allows businesses to gain more valuable insights from their data and to undertake a greater range of tasks in a shorter period. In this article, two types of tech that are becoming increasingly prevalent in the world of business will be discussed in detail.

Cloud-Based Platforms

In recent years, millions of different organizations have begun to understand the value of cloud-based platforms and software applications in their day-to-day operations. Cloud-based platforms are unique in the sense that the servers used to run them are in remote locations or on the internet. By operating cloud-based platforms, staff can access key systems from virtually anywhere in the world. This is a significant benefit for businesses as it can allow hybrid or fully remote models of work to take place without the need to be in a physical office space.

In addition, as the hardware and applications are located online or in remote locations, there is no need to build and maintain complex IT infrastructure and servers in the office environment. As the complexity of cloud-based platforms has grown, there has been a greater need for cloud automation platform solutions that can help to manage a range of different cloud-based applications. Such platforms can automate a range of cloud-based activities and can reduce the need for high volumes of coding to be written by staff.


In the modern world of online shopping, consumers will use a wide range of websites to buy essential items. Occasionally, during their purchases, they may have questions or issues that need to be answered. In the past, this would commonly involve ringing a customer service number and speaking to a member of the company’s customer service team.

Today, many businesses will use chatbots as the first line of communication with customers. There are several key benefits to using chatbots. Firstly, the cost of installing chatbots is far less than hiring a team of customer service representatives and chatbots do not need to be paid. In addition, chatbots can quickly direct customers to information or specific web pages that can answer common queries and questions. However, it should be recognized that human customer service staff will still be required when a customer has a complex problem or wishes to make a formal complaint.

To Sum Up

Cloud-based computing platforms have brought significant benefits to businesses, including the ability for employees to work remotely on all company systems simply by having an internet connection. Chatbots are proving to be an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution to common customer service questions and queries.