Tips for best model poses

Have you ever noticed how relaxed and beautiful the models look in the photos? So have we. Do you want to know what the secret of model posing is? If your answer is yes, then in today’s article we will tell you how to prepare for a modeling photo shoot and give examples of several poses that will help you look just perfect in the frame!

You can read more about female poses on Skylum’s blog. Professional photographers give lots of tips to make your photo shoot look absolutely ideal.

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What should you consider when preparing for a photoshoot?

Here are some tips to help you get great photos:

  • Know your body. How graceful are you, do you have any preferences or limitations? When you can answer these questions, then you can find poses that help you look perfect.
  • Make friends with the mirror. It’s the mirror that will help you lead yourself freely and be liberated. Look at your face and your movements. You might see things you want to fix, and maybe some things you want to perfect. In any case, you should remember that the mirror is your best friend when preparing for a shoot.
  • Relax your hands. The hands are a body part that many models don’t know where to put their hands. Because of this, they often look tense. We suggest keeping your hands soft and relaxed unless the photographer asks you to make them stiff.

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Top 9 model poses

Now we’ll tell you about the best poses to make you a star.

1. The three-quarter turn

This is one of the best poses, and believe me, using it will definitely make you look great. To achieve this effect, you have to ask the model to put one leg behind the other and turn her hips slightly away from the camera. When you choose this pose, remember that props will look just fine here.

2. Leg up on a wall

This pose cannot be called a standard pose, but that does not mean that it is not worth trying. Your model needs to put one leg against the wall and then lean on the knee of the raised leg with the opposite hand.

As a photographer, you’ll need to shoot from the bottom up to get a great shot. Since modeling is often done to show clothes, this will also be a winning option, as a wide shot allows you to capture all the details.

3. Standing with hand on jacket

This pose is great for both men and women. You’ll need to shoot full-length. Have your model stand in front of the camera and wrap one arm around the jacket. These photos look great in black and white, but they’ll look good in color, too.

4. Walking with hand in pocket

Some will say that this is very trivial, but we disagree. Let your model put her hand in her pocket and walk relaxed toward the camera. If she doesn’t know what to do with her other hand, suggest that she slung her jacket or coat over her shoulder.

5. Hands cinching the waist

This can be called a win-win if the model is wearing a dress. It is with dresses that this pose is great. Keep the model’s elbows flared and the neck extended to achieve an elegant silhouette. Also, this pose can be safely used for a sensual boudoir photo.

6. Dramatic lean on a wall

This option is great for a dramatic outfit. Models need to stand close to the wall and then lean back on it and tilt their heads slightly. You need to be careful and lean not sharply so as not to get injured. To enhance the dramatic effect, you can shoot from below.

7. Standing with arms crossed

This pose is great for men, although women who use it will look great, too. Only in the case of men the facial expression should be serious, while women should smile. The reason is that crossed arms are a closed pose, so the person using it will look strict and serious. Although, if this is the effect you want to achieve, a woman does not need to smile at all.

8. Crouching in front of a wall

A great unisex pose that fits to show off street clothes. As a photographer, it is important for you to pay attention to the background. As you know, sometimes it can make or break a composition.

9. One hand on the hip, one hand holding the hair

Your model can have a ponytail or loose hair. It doesn’t matter, because in all cases she will look great. If you use this pose, think about props like a hat or a hood.

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As a conclusion

So, now you know the best modeling poses for men and women. Try them, and your photo shoot is sure to be a success! We also recommend you visit Skylum’s blog, where you can read about different female poses. There are also many other useful and interesting articles for beginners and experienced photographers.