Benefits of Using Instadebit for Online Gaming

Being one of the most popular and widespread payment methods among online casino gamblers in Canada, Instadebit is reasonably offered by many sites, and therefore beginner-level players start wondering whether they should give it a try, as well.

If you would like to try and gamble for real money at the best Instadebit casino sites please read this post to be aware of all the real advantages of this banking method. This post will help you make an informed decision!

Online Casino Friendly

First things first, Instadebit is online casino friendly which instantly makes it different from many other online payment processing companies available in Canada. Instadebit works with many casinos and it is a legal banking option so all players can feel safe and have their personal data and funds protected when they play at online casinos using Instadebit.

There are many other banking methods, of course, but some of them limit the payments, others do not allow withdrawals, and others still are not allowed for bonuses, so they cannot be called completely casino-friendly. Instadebit, in its turn, is!

Allowed for Casino Bonuses

Experienced online casino gamblers already know that even the best casino bonuses have their limitations and rules, and one of the rules that some sites often apply is that deposits made via certain payment methods are not eligible for deposit-based bonuses.

This rule is most often applied to deposits made via Skrill and Neteller; other payment methods can face such limitations from time to time. But deposits made via Instadebit are always eligible for claiming bonuses.

Accepts CAD and Other Currencies

Instadebit is a very Canadian online payment processing company, which is a very good wor the Canadian dollar casinos, but the good news is that it allows transactions not only in CAD but in some other currencies, too.

It must be said, however, that at the time of writing this post, casinos in such provinces as Ontario or Alberta do not accept currencies other than CAD, or apply currency exchange directly on their platforms. But anyways, users can pay with more than one currency online if they use Instadebit.

Moreover, customers can have more than one Instadebit account linked to different bank accounts.

Fast Transactions & Flexible Limits

Instadebit offers really fast funds transactions to its users and the minimum and maximum possible transaction limits are very flexible so most users will find the method convenient.

However, please keep in mind that withdrawals from online casinos are first processed by the casino team so the waiting time increases automatically.

Plus, online casinos also have their own minimum and maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals so all players are recommended to check them and make sure their transactions fit both sets of limits, otherwise, they will face returning or suspended payments.

Both Deposits and Withdrawals Are Allowed

Some beginner-level online casino gamblers believe that if a payment method at a casino is allowed for deposit it is also automatically available for withdrawing the winnings. As a rule, this is not the case.

Some payment companies allow sending money to online merchants that look like casinos but do not allow receiving money from them. Sometimes, casino sites allow deposits via a method but do not allow withdrawals.

Instadebit, however, is fit for both types of payments and this makes it very reliable and handy.

Small Fees

At the time of writing this post, Instadebit has about 2 CAD fees for sending money from a bank account to a bank account. Other transactions and procedures are not much more expensive. This way, Instadebit applies small, stable, and predictable fees for the customers.

And yet, since it works with banks, some banks may apply a fee of their own on top, so please keep that in mind.

Accepted by Most Banks in Canada

Instadebit works with banks and most Canadian banks already accept payments via this payment system. Therefore, payments via Instadebit are not only secure and protected but also completely legit because if the bank confirms a payment it is totally okay.

Adding an Instadebit account to the casino account is also quick and convenient because if the player already has an account with a Canadian bank, the bank confirms that the player is a real person and owns the funds they want to use for gambling.