How To Use 3D Modeling to Create Immersive Open World Games

There are 3 major industries that today cannot be imagined without the use of three-dimensional models. It:

  • Entertainment industry
  • Medicine (surgery)
  • Industry

The first one we encounter almost every day. These are films, animation and 90% of computer games. All virtual worlds and characters are created using the same principle – polygonal modeling.

Another industry is video games. Most of today’s games use 3D models and spaces to create virtual worlds, immersed in which players not only play but also study this or that field of activity. 3D modeling in games requires technical skills and knowledge of biology, architecture, chemistry, physics, and many other sciences because technologies are developing according to the needs of game studios and gamers.

Modern games have long gone beyond 2D space. Moreover, today gamers are immersed in the worlds of the metaverse through a mobile phone. The level of optimization and 3D modeling techniques has increased so much that the worlds into which gamers are immersed through mobile phones impress with their elaboration and graphics.

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling has firmly entered our lives, partially or completely restructuring some types of business. Every industry that 3D modeling has brought change to has its own set of standards and unspoken rules. But even within the same industry, the number of software packages can be so numerous that it can be very difficult for a beginner to figure out and navigate where to start.

Modern three-dimensional computer graphics allows you to create the most realistic models of an object, which can be difficult to distinguish from an ordinary picture. A two-dimensional image will not make such a complete representation of the object as a three-dimensional model. That is why 3D modeling is more effectively used to develop open world games for Android or iOS. Once upon a time, 3D was only available to large studios with a huge budget, but now everyone can create the most detailed open world game at home. The only question is how well and technologically it is made.

Types of 3D modeling

Extraordinary 3D Modeling for Games involves using all the necessary technologies and colossal experience. Since artists and modelers have developed this direction in the entertainment field, gamers can fully immerse themselves in the best open world games for Android that are not inferior to PC and console counterparts. Therefore, there are two main types of 3D modeling: polygonal and parametric.

Polygon modeling occurs by manipulating polygons in space. Pulling, rotating, moving, etc.

The first in this industry are Autodesk (known to many for its AutoCAD product). Products Autodesk 3Ds Max, and Autodesk Maya, have become the de facto industry standard.

What do we get at the output by making such a model? First, we get a visual IMAGE. For example, gamers sometimes say, “I fell through textures” in a game. By the way, they are falling through the polygons these textures apply to. And the fall into infinity occurs precisely because nothing is behind the image. The resulting images are used for rendering (the final rendering of the image) in a game or movie.

Parametric modeling is a design principle using the parametric data of an object’s elements and the relationships between them. It allows you to work out different design schemes, detect errors in modeling and correct them. During the 3D modeling process, the 3D modeling artist develops a model, the parameters of which can be changed later.

3d modeling artist

3D Modeling in Games: Features and Directions of Technology

Creating characters and virtual spaces for computer games, movies, and animation costs less than building sets and hiring actors, and saves time.

The rapid development of computer technology has allowed us to see the projects of future objects in a three-dimensional image. 3D modeling – current and sought-after direction in the video game industry. All characters, game worlds, and objects are increasingly created using three-dimensional technologies. Growing requirements for computer graphics have led to the high popularity of 3D modeling in creating games, and the ability to create immersive open world games is highly valued today.

The creation of a 3D model of an object is carried out using 3D modeling. At the first stage of 3D modeling, information is collected: sketches, drawings, photographs, and videos, drawings, often even using a finished product sample – in general, everything that will help to understand the appearance and structure of the object. Based on the information received, a 3D modeler or 3D designer creates a three-dimensional model in a special computer program. After the model is completed, it will be possible to look at it from any angle, zoom in, zoom out, and make the necessary adjustments. By itself, the model is already ready for further use – most often, this is the implementation in the game.

Stages of 3D modeling

Creating a 3D model consists of several stages, some of which are sometimes outsourced. Outsourcing 3D modeling services have long been a part of creating worlds for the coolest projects. The best open world games that can be found on the iOS Apple Store are often not created by the studio itself. This is due to inadequate experience, technological resources, and corny time. Outsourcing, in this case, is one of the initial stages in planning. But still, it is worth highlighting the main stages.

Creating Model Geometry

In the first stage, a spatial geometric model of the object is created that does not consider its physical characteristics. Then, the calculation of the dimensions and the construction of the shape of the object are made. Finally, rotation, extrusion, extension, and polygonal modeling methods are used.

Creating an Object Texture

At this stage, it is determined from what materials the object will be built, and its texture is developed. At this moment, the degree of realism of the created 3D models for games is set. Thanks to this, we can contemplate not just a background but a full-fledged world with its structure, weight, and environment. Many open world survival games for Android use 3D objects that show their characteristics: stones are sharp and they can cause damage, the road is wet because it will slow down the character or a tree that can be chopped.

To these stages, we can also add a selection of light, work with shadows, set up shaders, fill the environment, and implement it into the game. But all the work of these stages takes place already with ready-made materials, but it also has a key role in maximum results.


The game world should be worked out as much as possible, and 3D modeling is fully used for this. You will need professionals in this area to create the most detailed open world game. Otherwise, the project will remain at the bottom of the trough areas. Finding them is quite simple and easy – are the forwards in the field of 3D models for games. A good specialist is in great demand because he can draw anything, but anyone can learn everything necessary to implement any ideas.