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The flamboyant Bruce Grobbelaar

The concept of a sweeper-keeper is a relatively new addition to the football lexicon. On 1xBet there are some entertaining live cricket matches today online, and punters can also find excellent football contests as well.

However, in retrospect, there are a few names that can be considered as such. One of them is Bruce Grobbelaar. He is a former goalkeeper who had an extensive career that lasted between 1973 all the way into 2007. However, he is better remembered for an excellent spell he had with Liverpool between 1981 and 1994. It is possible to find live cricket and football matches today on 1xBet online, where excellent wagering opportunities are available for all members of the platform.

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An eccentric goalkeeper

Grobbelaar was a keeper who had a very impressive style of play. Contrary to other keepers of his era, the Zimbabwean had extreme confidence in his abilities. When this was combined with his speed and pace, he was capable of rushing out of the goal and preventing opposing forwards from grabbing the ball. There are live cricket odds here right now on 1xBet, and this platform also offers excellent rates for those who wish to wager on football.

In addition to Liverpool, some of the teams where Bruce Grobbelaar showed his talent were:

  • the Vancouver Whitecaps;
  • Durban City;
  • Southampton;
  • and Plymouth Argyle.

This ability that the Zimbabwean possessed that allowed him to play relatively far from the goal was also combined with spectacular reflexes. This allowed him to make incredible and impressive saves. At this moment it is possible to find excellent live cricket and football odds here on 1xBet, which are the most competitive in the market.

A winning keeper

Bruce Grobbelaar is remembered as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Liverpool. He was in the team for 13 years in total, and during that period the team won six First Division titles. This tournament was the predecessor to the English Premier League. Don’t forget to watch live streaming football on 1xBet, where also plenty of Liverpool matches are featured.

But that’s not all, because with the Zimbabwean on goal, Liverpool also won the 1983-84 edition of the European Cup. If that wouldn’t be enough to have an incredible curriculum, the squad also won plenty of FA Cups, League Cups and other titles. In other words, Grobbelaar was a winning goalkeeper from any point of view. Punters can watch live football streaming on 1xBet, where all matches of the English Premier League are also available.