20 of the Worst PC Setups – April 2019

I’m sure at some point you’ve had a bad PC setup. Maybe moving into a new place, waiting for a new desk to arrive or you just ran out of room. I can remember my horrible PC setups from when I was living at the dorms in college. If you have ever ventured over to the Shitty Battlestations sub-reddit you will find a lot of horrible PC setups. We will are going to pick 20 each month and feature them as 20 of the Worst PC setups for that month. Here are some of the bad ones from April.

20 of the Worst PC Setups – April 2019

“Who even needs a desk?”

“peep my BATTLESTATION, it might be a tad messy”
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“This is mine”

“kitchen table turned Woodworking table turned shitty battlestation table”

“Who needs a desk anyways”

“‘A proper gaming throne’ as my brother called it”

“Just moved in but sold my desk in the move… Guess this’ll do for now!”

“My workstation for the next 3 weeks”

“My 2011 setup.”

“This is my setup! Suggestions for improvement would be appreciated!”

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