20 of the Worst PC Setups – September 2017

“My current battle station idk where else I can set up other than the lockable shed”

“My battlestation from 1999… What a cable management!”

“2 chairs a laptop tray and some wooden stuff from a bookshelf”

“You can thank hurricane Irma”

“My battle station/study station/living room entertainment station.”

“Went through my older posts and noticed I submitted this pic of my setup back in 2014. Thought it deserved another appearance.”

“Is this mess shitty enough?”

“I had a shitty battle station a couple months ago, now that i’m at college and my desk is too small its time for v2”

“It had arrived that day and he was too excited to set it up properly on his desk so he found the closest power source and went with it.”

“Yes, that is a diy cardboard desk.”

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