What’s the Best Platform for Playing Games?

If you love gaming and planning to buy a new smartphone, you must be quite confused in choosing the perfect operating system for your device. With three options available iOS, Android and Windows, it is very difficult to choose since the choice will depend on first understanding your preferences. If you are into mobile phone bingo games, you need to choose the best operating system that would help you to play your game smoothly without a hitch. Here we got something to help you out.

A huge variety of latest online games
Most of the applications on Android play store, iOS apple store and the Windows store have various games to offer. The biggest question is which has the best and latest online casino games.

Only Nokia used to launch Windows phone whereas there are thousands of mobile companies who launch Android phones. Hence, iOS and Android have relatively big market than Windows. So, gaming developers and big gaming hubs like Sailor Bingo prefer to launch new games on Android and iOS. Play store has more than 600,0000 apps and apple store has more than 650,000, 30% of these applications are games. So, in terms of variety, window phone stands nowhere in front of Android and iOS smartphones.

Availability of latest games

When it comes to availability of exclusive games, as Apple is a luxury brand, they have signed contracts with different game developers so that Apple users can play some games exclusively. iOS users also get some extra features on different games. Those who play online casino games and want to play the latest slots first, iOS is the best option among the three of them.

Free games and other offers

Availability of free games and other applications is what everyone wants. Smartphones with Android operating systems have a maximum number of free games and other applications. 80% of the applications on Android are free whereas only 65% on the app store are free. Games and other apps on Android are much cheaper as compared to iOS and Windows store. If you want to play games like Arcade or other such online casino games for the free, Android platform is best to choose from.

Connectivity with players across the globe

There are 1.4 billion active Android users, 75 million iOS users and 20 million Windows users. Again, Android and iOS lead the table in terms of connectivity. Players who love wireless and multiplayer games, Android and iOS both are good options. Multiplayer games like Battlefield, Mini Militia and other online casino games are available in Play Store and Apple Store as well.

Performance and smooth gaming

When it comes to smooth and high-quality gaming, top games app is the best. Apple provides its customers smooth gaming with crystal-clear graphics while only latest Android versions like Android 7.0 Nougat and Marshmallow 6.0 has a smooth gaming experience. Other gaming websites like Zapak, Miniclip and Sailor Bingo works good with both operating systems.

If you are the player, choosing a smartphone totally depends on your preferences and games you play. I-phones iOS lead the table in smooth gaming and exclusive games whereas Android has best free games and connectivity for players to coordinate with players across the world. As the Android market is leading with 80% of total users, game developers are investing more on Android games.

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